Microsoft Exchange Labs

What is Exchange Labs?

As part of Microsoft's software + services strategy, we are enhancing the way we build, test and deliver Exchange. On October 1, 2007, we announced Exchange Labs, a new program for testing the next version of Exchange in high-scale services environments.

Who can use Exchange Labs?

The initial rollout of Exchange Labs is designed for select schools and universities as part of Windows Live @ edu "powered by Exchange Labs", allows these select academic institutions to easily connect students and alumni with e-mail, and integrate these users with existing on-premises Exchange Server deployments that support faculty and staff.

If you are a school, and interested in Exchange Labs for your organization, please see Getting Started with Exchange Labs.

What features are enabled with Exchange Labs today?

For end-users we have:

  • Windows Live ID authentication, that can be used with Messenger, Spaces, and all of the other Windows Live services
  • Support for the complete Outlook experience: Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile
  • Support for the broadest set of 3rd party clients with POP, IMAP, and Exchange Activesync support
  • 5 GB of mailbox quotas
  • Security with SSL enabled all of the time
  • Shared address books and calendars

For school administrators we have:

  • Provisioning and administration tools to manage student and alumni accounts

  • Ability to integrate on-premises Exchange deployment for faculty and staff, with hosted Exchange Labs for students and alumni

As always, I look forward to feedback from our community on this new program.

Thank you for choosing Exchange,

General Manager, Exchange

Comments (5)
  1. sachin kuchhal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a problem with exchange server2003. I want to change  the path of mdb database please tell me how to chage the path of exchage server 2003

  2. Jim Edelen says:

    Sachin: while your query is not related to the original post, you should check out this article

  3. Eltawil says:

    Is it possible for the time being for anyone with a Windows Live account to signup for Exchange Labs?

  4. KC Lemson says:

    Eltawil: Sorry, no – at this time it’s limited to schools and internal msft employees. When that changes we’ll be sure to post about it.

  5. jussi says:

    How widespread has this been deployed to universities?

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