Exchange Server Q and A with the MVP Experts

Exchange MVPs will be on hand to answer your questions about Exchange Server, Outlook and Exchange for Small Business Server.  So if you are thinking of upgrading to Exchange Server 2007 or have questions about Exchange Server 2003 we hope you can join us for this informative online chat!

Chat 1:

When:    Tuesday, June 19th 2007
Time:     5pm PST or 8pm EST
Where:  TechNet Chat Room
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No password required

Chat 2:

When:   Thursday, June 21st 2007
Time:    10am PST or 1pm EST
Where: TechNet Chat Room
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No password required.

EDIT 7/16/2007:

The transcripts from the Q and A with the Exchange MVP Experts chats on June 19th and June 21st are now available. Due to the positive feedback we received and requests for an encore, we are going to hold these chats on a quarterly basis.  The next one will be held around late September or early October. Look for an announcement on this blog as we get closer to that time frame. You can also find a list of upcoming chats on the TechNet Community page. Hope you all can join us for the next chat!

- Melissa Travers

Comments (9)
  1. Chris Lehr says:

    Great session.  Thanks all.

  2. WTF Chuck says:

    Yes, great Q&A.  I’m intrigued also about the SMTP conversation monitoring in Ex. 2k7.  In 2k3 I have used the "log SMTP to Access DB" functionality to troubleshoot message delivery issues for end users.  Is this functionality still there?  That’s pretty inconvenient, but is "good enough" mostly.

    Along the same vein…  On a real mail server ;) I use tail -f /var/log/mail.log to watch the SMTP conversation in real time or tail -n <number> /var/log/mail.log | grep -i "someString" to find stuff.  Can this be done in powershell???  I can see it being even better in PS since it is object instead of string based.  Maybe there will be a MS secure Syslog server someday *wink* *wink* and Exchange will use it???

    Exchange has made great strides over the last decade in becoming a more Internet standards capable product.  Bottom line is that verbatim  SMTP conversation visibility is a must in any Internet facing MTA.

  3. MirceaV says:

    Is there any offline record of the conversation?

  4. Melissa Travers says:

    The transcript will be posted in a couple of weeks to the TechNet communities page.  I will post the URL here once they are live.  Thank you for the feedback everyone.  We are looking at doing these chats o a quarterly basis and will post any upcoming chat notifications here.

    Melissa Travers

    Exchange Server MVP Lead

  5. Lucius says:

    Are the transcripts available yet?

  6. Melissa Travers says:

    Yes, they were just posted late Friday. The chat on June 19th is posted at and the chat on 6/21 is posted here  Also if you are interested we did a security chat and that transcript is posted as well  Thank you for your interest.  Due to the positive feedback we are going to hoold these chats on a quarterly bases.  So we are looking towards the end of Sept/Oct timeframe.  Look for the announcement on this blog or the TechNet Chat site

  7. jideakin says:

    "OOF messages are also not sent as responses for incoming messages with the X-Auto-Response-Suppress:OOF header"

    What does this mean? I’ve been trying to send OOF to internet users from exchange server 2003 without sucess. I need help pls.

  8. Javeed Khan says:

    Can i post questions on Exchange 2007?

  9. javedmse says:

    I build Exchange two exchange organizations, first org having Exchange 2003 and 2000. The second one is Exchange 2007 on Windows 2003 SP2.

    I deployed exchange 2007 org as Resource forest model and migrated few users accounts to 2007 and those are working properly as linked mailboxes by authenticating at Account forest.

    Now, when is change password for linked mailbox through OWA, it is not accepting. Is there any feasibility to change password through OWA in resource forest model?

    Plss. help to resolve this issue soon.

    Thanks in advance

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