Generating Active Directory accounts by using the mailbox information in the mailbox database in Exchange 2007

With Exchange 2003, if you wanted to create Active Directory accounts based on the list of disconnected mailboxes in the mailbox database, you could use the Mailbox Export Wizard which was a part of the Mailbox Recovery Center. Before that, you could have used MBCONN, a tool we had for that purpose. That functionality would let you create a LDF file for AD import, based on the list of disconnected mailboxes in the mailbox database, in case you needed to bulk create AD accounts that you can then connect those mailboxes to.

But - how do you do this in Exchange 2007?

With the latest Exchange 2007 documentation update, we have now documented this procedure:

How to Generate Active Directory Accounts By Using the Mailbox Information in the Mailbox Database

Thanks to Marc Nivens for writing the script and all other members of the Exchange Team that were involved in publishing this!

- Nino Bilic

Comments (3)
  1. Martijn says:

    Hi Nino,

    Does this also work when you delete an AD account and want to reconnect the E2K7 mailbox to the same account in the same Forest according to the procedure?

    Regards, Martijn

  2. Marc Nivens says:

    Yes this will recreate the AD account and reconnect it if it has been previously deleted.

  3. Ritmo2k says:


    I have been looking for this procedure, but I am unclear on one point. What is the procedure for restoring the mailboxes into the database from tape?

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