Talking Exchange 2007 SP1…

We're wrapping up our Beta of Exchange 2007 SP1 (to be released through TechNet plus this April), and as always we wanted to discuss it publicly here first. We are targeting final release with Longhorn Server 2nd half of this year.

Our work in this service pack is purely in response to your feedback on earlier releases of Exchange 2007. A partial list of what you'll find included in this SP is:

Standby Continuous Replication (SCR)

Such a great feature obviously needed its own name!

With Exchange 2007, we introduced Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) for replication of data between 2 servers within a cluster.  With SCR, data can be replicated on a per-storage group basis to standby servers or clusters.  The SCR target, whether a single mailbox server or a cluster, can be placed inside the primary datacenter or in a remote location, ready to be manually activated if the primary server or datacenter fails.


SP1 will fill in the feature holes that we just didn't have time to complete by RTM:

  • Personal distribution lists
  • S/MIME
  • Rules
  • Monthly calendar view
  • Deleted items recovery
  • Public folder access

OWA 2007 SP1 spell checking will add support for:

  • Arabic
  • Korean

OWA 2007 SP1 will add support for viewing Office 2007 file formats as HTML.

Exchange Management Console

SP1 will fill in the GUI holes that we just didn't have time to complete by RTM, including:

  • Public folder configuration
  • POP and IMAP configuration
  • SendAs permission configuration
  • Delegation wizard scenarios

Web Services

New web service coverage will include:

  • Public folder access 
  • Delegate management
  • Folder permission management


On Longhorn Server, we will support Exchange 2007 on native IPv6 networks.

Move Mailbox

This vital tool administrator tool has been beefed up to include import and export to a .pst

Over the next few months, people throughout the team will be posting about their SP1 work. Your feedback means everything to us.

Thank you for choosing Exchange,

- Terry

Comments (138)
  1. Pablo says:

    Will the Move Mailbox allow me to get past the 2Gb limit on PSTs?

  2. Anonymous says:

    There are a lot of new features in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 such as SCR (Standby Cluster Replication),

  3. Nick Smith says:

    Will the feature enhancements for OWA be included in the OWA light interface?  The biggest complaint from our OWA light users is only having a single day calendar view.

  4. Exchange says:


    Yes it will :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    The You Had Me at EHLO blog is dishing the scoop on the forthcoming service pack 1. Look for an April

  6. Pete K. says:

    Well done!   Looking forward to other improvments that were not available with Exchange 2007 RTM.

  7. John C. Welch says:

    Will you be able to access Exchange 2007 public folders via OWA with SP1?

  8. eric c says:

     I didn’t see any mention of tighter Active Directory intergration, specifically mailbox provisioning from ADUC.  Any chance this will be made available with the release of Longhorn?

  9. Exchange says:

    Nick, John, Eric,

    As implied in the post, this is not the final list of features… however at this time we are not ready to talk about more. There is more. Give us a bit more time and we will start talking about it in greater detail.

  10. pesospesos says:

    Great news guys.  I know that there are no plans to re-integrate exchange with ADUC per se, but I think the gist of Eric’s post is important.  The "template-instance" option in the command line does not duplicate crucial AD attributes including but no limited to profile path, etc.  This in turn leads to a far more complicated user creation process than 2003 — users have to be duplicated in ADUC, then their mailboxes have to be manually set up in exchange mgmt console, then ADSIedit has to be used to clean up the little things that ensue from the exchange attributes not being properly written due to timing issues.  None of this was a problem with the exch2003-aware ADUC.  Hope to hear more about your plans for tighter AD integration with longhorn AD tools!



  11. Hans says:

    Have you some more securiyt futures.

    I have a problem to send mails with attachement which should be secure but bothth side have no S-Mime

    Can you make a workflow that we generate a download area an the othe user get the acces inforamtion. to up or download the files over https:

    Also should it delete after a policie base time. Also wil it be nice if i can select some more users out of the directory which have acces to the this files are.



  12. evan says:

    pesos – templateinstance only knows about the exchange object schema; the AD properties like profile path, etc are outside of the scope of Exchange, so there is no visibility into these objects from Exchange tools.

    That said, the easy solution to this would be to use templateinstance to provision the base AD object + the Exchange templated-settings and then run behind this creation with some calls through the PowerShell ADSI provider to copy in the properties you care about from the same source object. Since the AD schema is extensible, there’s no way to know the full set of what properties exist (or what properties must be kept unique during a clone). A manual properties-to-clone mapping in script is the most effective way to do this for the non-Exchange properties.


  13. Mark says:

    I am interested in the SCR feature here. It sound like people that use products like Doubletake can use SCR instead. Does SCR have any type of monitor for automatic failover like IP pinging or more importantly services failing?

  14. eric c says:

     I think the bigger picture here is that user account creation/mailbox creation needs to be a streamlined process, not a two step process.  There needs to be a synergy across all the platforms.  


     At Exchange 2006 I heard that the reason Powershell was introduced was because large corporations requested a scriptable interface, is that true or was it always on the roadmap?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Want to know what’s going to be in Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2007? Then pop over to the Exchange teams

  16. Anonymous says:

    Unter gibt es eine schöne Beschreibung der Features

  17. Anonymous says:

    Its a little ways off however the Exchange product team has released some details on what is planned

  18. Sunny Boy says:

    Can OWA do PGP now??

  19. Sandor says:

    Will the SCR functionality require the servers be on the same subnet?  This is a massive downside of CCR.  Stretching subnets across datacenters to get geo-clustering with CCR does not make network engineers happy.

  20. Todd says:

    I have to agree with Sandor…. stretching subnets as a requirement for CCR was a killer for us.  Also, we really didn’t want to have to cluster boxes to do replication so it sounds like SCR will be perfect (assuming it will work without stretched subnets).  There is a huge need for a product feature like this as the current environment (Doubletake, XOSoft), IMO, is not where it needs to be.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Le SP1 d’Exchange Server 2007 devrait voir le jour durant le second semestre 2007. Voici une liste des

  22. Sandor says:

    Just to be clearer than my first comment and following on from what Todd said, I need to have near time replication across datacenters but am not that interested in clustering.  I hope SCR effectively competes with Doubletake features as I have the most interest in an all Microsoft solution (cuts cost and vendor complexity).

  23. Anonymous says: Dude, you need comments on your blog because otherwise I end up using

  24. Anonymous says:

    The Exchange Team as made a post regarding plans for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1. The first

  25. Taz says:

    How about Public folder UI on OWA?

  26. Thomas Lee says:

    Any chance for a) a better test phone for UM and b) one that works under Vista.

    And while you’re at it, how about updating the technet article to be  more accurate – the instructions as to how to set it up do not really work  if you follow them literally (what is ‘exchange version number’??)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog recently what with getting a load of proposals done (mostly around…

  28. Anonymous says:

    Some Microsoft news items from last week that did not get a post of their own.
    Microsoft competitor VMware is profiled in the NY Times. Uh-oh! Someone just said “Microsoft” and ”bundling.”
    Wii outsold

  29. Aaron Marks says:

    Looking forward to the release.  Some suggestions

    1.  Ability to edit all urls for Autodiscover in the MMC

    2.  Importing from IMAP servers

    3.  Certificate creation, import, and enable from the MMC

    5.  Improved view of contacts in OWA

    6.  Better documentation of some cmdlets when running a get-help

    Thanks, can’t wait for the final version of SP1!

  30. Oli says:

    Whats about the Service Pack 3 for Exchange 2003 ???

    Please released it soon !!!

  31. Fustraded Customer says:

    Some of the updated show how wrong MS did the launch of Exchange 2007, again same history, becasue the final launch date pass over the technicals aspect, this kind of issue most be solved to increase Customer confidence with al new released

  32. Darren.E says:

    I’m curious to learn more about SCR – as mentioned already it’ll be a big attraction to the takeup of E2k7 – there’s no more need for MSCS on the mailbox servers if this is used then?

    My understanding was that CCR provided the possibility for inter-datacentre Exchange clusters through passive database seeding and log shipping. Are the main issues with this approach the subnet stretch and heartbeat latency (addressed by file share witness)?

    I’m wondering if SCR uses the same seeding and log shipping/transport dumpster to keep the passive server ready for action. Can you give us any insight into how failovers are managed – is it now through the Powershell/Console now that Cluster Manager isn’t used?

    Superb blog BTW – All the best, Darren.

  33. Stefan says:

    Does SCR require a Longhorn Server or does it run on Windows 2003 as well ?

  34. Darren.E says:

    Good question Stefan – I also forgot to ask, does SCR require Exchange (or Windows) Enterprise edition or can we get away with Std?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so as you may have figured I’m pretty passionate, nay – crazy, about exchange. And since starting to work with E12 its become worse! It seems I just cant get enough, the new feature set, scalability functionality, all get me really excited. It truly

  36. Anonymous says:

    So I am little behind the times at the moment as I have just got back from New York so you will have

  37. Jack says:


    will you fix the current SPN issue with cluster servers? connecting to them via NTLM is unacceptable at the moment..!

  38. Anonymous says:

    So we’ve been trying to keep this confidential for a while. unfortunately one of my colleagues in the

  39. evan says:

    Eric, you asked:

    > At Exchange 2006 I heard that the reason Powershell was introduced was because large corporations requested a scriptable interface, is that true or was it always on the roadmap?

    Don’t have a lot of context for what you’re asking, but it was definitely clear to us in the early usability planning for Exchange 2007 that many customers (both large and small) were unhappy with the bulk management capabilities and usability of the several programmatic interfaces through VBScript for E2k3. For E2k7 we settled pretty early on PowerShell and then did lots of usability verifications throughout the process to refine the design. Things like tab-completion of cmdlets and parameters, for instance, came to PowerShell directly as usability feedback from Exchange customers!

  40. Exchange says:

    For all that have asked:

    Yes indeed – PF access in OWA is making a comeback… I have just added this to the list of features in the original post…

  41. Cameron Frasnelly says:

    Can you give us more information regarding SCR???  It sounds like the feature we need the most since we have to install all the roles onto a single server! Thanks!

  42. SayLeong says:

    Will these SP1 features apply to both Standard and Enterprise edition? TIA.

  43. GUI Lover says:

    Still want to see more GUIs in the Ex2k7 manager–Still rem that MS’ apps been love/like by people just due to the nice GUI.

    Anyway, for Ex2k7, the SCR will be good ONLY if it does not need Stretching subnet/expand vlan. We hope it did not so that we can really use this future instead of using the Double-T* or SAN.

  44. Anonymous says:

    After some speculation about Service Pack 1 for Exchange Server 2007, the Microsoft Exchange Team has

  45. Anonymous says:

    Well, as I promised last week at the Roadshow in Nottingham , I said I’d blog about all of the links

  46. Darren.E says:

    My understanding of SCR after talking with an MS Exchange tech today at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading, is that it does still require clustering.

    As it was exaplined to me, it effectively allows the active node to Seed and Log-Ship to a storage area at a seperate datacentre (this is done in addition to the seeding/logshipping being done by the passive node).

    This offsite copy can then be accessed by a dedicated server at that site. My understanding is that the ‘recovery’ steps need to bring the offsite service online in the event of the datacentre being unavailable would be manual ones

    Exchange 14 when it’s released, will remove the need for MSCS to be used to cluster.

    Hopefully I’m not speaking out of turn – All of the above are my views based on informal chats with Exchange contacts at MS, so please dont take it as gospel. If it turns out to be Mis-information because I haven’t understood I apologise,  but hopefully it’ll be of some benefit until more official info is available.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Le mythe des services packs n’apportant pas de nouvelles fonctionnalités est bel et bien mort ! En effet,

  48. Atul says:

    Will the new features in OWA be supported by Windows Mobile 5.0 or are Windows Mobile 6.0 devices be required?

  49. Poo Ching Loong says:

    Does SP1 help out on opening other users folder, eg: calendar with only specific folder rights?

  50. Anonymous says:

    Do you want to create rules in OWA? Have you heard of SCR? You know where I’m going with this…… Exchange

  51. Tibor Soós says:

    There are a lot of streightforward things missing from RTM in my opinion that should be included in SP1:

    – Journal Rules scope for specific message classification

    – Outlook rule criteria for message classification

    – Managed folder hierarchies

    – Automatic message classification provisioning to Outlook

  52. Anonymous says:

    With Exchange 2007, we introduced Clustered Continuous Replication (CCR) for replication of data between 2 servers within a cluster within the same datacenter. With SCR, data replicates to a non-clustered server in a remote datacenter. If the primary

  53. Anonymous says:

    Someone … and I don’t know his name … leaked some information about Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1

  54. Anonymous says:

    Humm looks like a secret that crept out or should I say was forced out! The Beta is not due out until

  55. Tim Smeltzer says:

    What happened to the listing of Mobility features?

  56. Sean Hook says:

    No sMIME in the RTM OWA? How are international users handled? In OWA 2003 we used SMIME so that the messages would be sent in UTF-8 (for eastern character support). Do I need SMIME in 2007 to do the same or is UTF-8 included with OWA by default?

  57. Dan_IT says:

    Features I would like to see (not already mentioned here):

    -Ability to create a GAL from the GUI

    -Support for the rich client interface on OWA with other Ajax enabled browsers besides IE on Windows

  58. Anonymous says:

    The Exchange development team have done a nice job of expanding the high availability options with the

  59. Shannon Fitzpatrick says:

    I work at a small bank in MS, and we are near completion of migrating our 600+ users from Lotus Domino to Ex2k7.  The first phase was to migrate all users to Exchange, and have them use OWA until we can provide Office 2007 to all users (phase 2).  Two main complaints of my users have been the missing ability to create personal distribution lists and the ability to "send & file" their sent emails (instead of dumping all sent emails into the sent items folder).

    I am glad to see the personal distribution lists issue will be addressed in SP1, and would like to see a "send & file" option added in future releases.  I have found an Outlook add-in (QuickFile) that may be a temporary solution for some of my Outlook users, but it would be nice if this was native to OWA and Outlook 2007.

  60. Mahmoud Magdy says:

    well can you add something to manager GAL and addresslists permissions

  61. Anonymous says:

    No sense denying it, I like Mary Jo Foley linking to something I wrote . Although being cast as a member

  62. Marc says:

    I think MS missed something on the featurelist i’m awaiting toooooo long – OWA Firefox Support (Premium Edition) and not this shit compatibility modus. Someone at Ms hearing the rumors out there??? I don’t like to use IE7… i’d like to use the much better Browser – Firefox.

    Zimbra, Scalix and so on – all have drag and drop in Firefox without ActiveX shit. Ms – GO ON support other Browsers!!!

  63. Paolo says:

    Will SP1 manage shared mailboxs and dynamic address list (build with Opath syntax for recipient filtering) with a GUI insted Shell? I think that thouse simple things should be easier to do!

    Thank you

  64. ML49448 says:

    Just rolled out Exchange 2007 to a client. Main things missing that should be addressed:

    Ability to bring up properties of a user and add to multiple distribution lists at the same time, This is missing from GUI.

    Ability to view sizes of all mailboxes in 1 list, Why oh Why was this made powershell only ?!!

    Others will be rectified by SP1. Main gripe – I don’t mind the philosophy of being able to do everything in a powershell command that can be done in the GUI but I didn’t expect core tasks to be stripped from the GUI completely.

    Otherwise stable & OWA is amazing.

  65. Jakob3 says:

    Found lots of info here. Thank.. Just one question.. Can someone please tell me if I can be sure that SP1 will enable public folde in OWA "as we knew them before". Thanks again

  66. athanyel says:

    How does SCR work with clusters?  We need to have HA at our local site but want remote DR.  Can we have an HA cluster locally and then SCR it to a remote data center.

  67. gr8fl1 says:

    Are there any updates to migrating from novell Groupwise to Exchange 2007? I am trying to get Exchange 2007 to be able to work with Groupwise in a novell network. The true goal is to have the network migrate to MS, but it is necessary to be able to have exchange 2007 be able to work with edirectory first.

    Any ideas or updates? I do not want to hire out Quest to do the migration, as that would bust my budget. =0)


  68. Henry says:

    Any idea about when the SP1 release date is? I know the beta is April-ish…

  69. Anonymous says:

    Do you want to create rules in OWA? Have you heard of SCR? You know where I’m going with this…… Exchange

  70. Wolwes says:

    Do I need to upgrade the AD Schema for the new Exchange 07 SP1?


  71. Henry says:

    Any idea how difficult it is going to be to tranisition to SCR from CCR when Sp1 is released? Thanks!

  72. Anonymous says:

    Le mythe des services packs n’apportant pas de nouvelles fonctionnalités est bel et bien mort ! En effet,

  73. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft Exchange team is wrapping up the Beta version of Exchange Server 2007 SP1 and it is scheduled

  74. taiwo says:

    I’m trying to develop a CV repository database program. I want the program to automatically send out email to the clients to update their CV (periodically, say every three months). I heard exchange server has such features but i don’t know how it works can anyone help me. the database is in Ms Access.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Although the SP1 Beta will only be available next month (RTM is expected by the end of this year) you

  76. Anonymous says:

    While some previous details on Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2007 have been previously disclosed, and then

  77. Anonymous says:

    Its a little ways off however the Exchange product team has released some details on what is planned

  78. Atoyot says:

    Where is the supoprt for wireless syncing of notes???

  79. boe says:


    I set up an exchange 2007 in a production environment that already had an exchange 2003 server- huge mistake, I did a lot of damage.   Never had any issues like this with Exchange 2000 or 2003.

    I’ve set up and maintained about 35 exchange servers – never a single issue – I’m lost with Exchange 2007.

    Please OH PLEASE make the mmc do everything that I can already do with exchange 2000 and 2003.   I’ve yet to speak to a  single Exchange admin who likes the new cmdlets.   I’m not saying they shouldn’t exist but no one I know wants to learn programming just to set up and administer an exchange server.

    I’m sure exchange 2007 will be great once it can do everything that exchange 2003 can do without hiring a programmer but right now I can’t even hire consultants who recommend exchange 2007.   2003 worked pretty well even when it was just going RTM but 2007 is too dang complicated to figure out unless you feel like doing a lot of reading and memorizing.

    Can you imagine if they released Longhorn but you had to use cmdlets to add users, change their rights or to add web sites in IIS?   I’m sure the cmdlets seem perfectly natural to programmers but I haven’t programmed in 20 years- for a reason – I didn’t enjoy it.

  80. David says:


    I’m just into a deployement planning.

    I would like to know if it will be possible to setup SCR after installation or it must be an option to be choosed from start like CCR ?

    And what the limitations ?  Can we install all role on the same server or server part of SCR must have only the mailbox role ?

  81. Anonymous says:

    Ya se adelantaron algunas de las novedades que vendrán incluidas en el SP1 de Exchange Server 2007, para

  82. easy1ndian says:

    DO NOT USE ANY 2007 RELEASES(vista, x2k7, o2k7) OF MICROSOFT

    I’m not shocked to see the features of X2K7 SP1. I knew X2k7 RTM is half-cooked. So is Vista RTM and Office 2007 RTM. None of them complete. I installed X2K7 in production network and huge mistake I did, it took me full 3 days to recover everything by re-installing exchange 2003 and restoring the database. The exchange documentation did not mention anything about X2K7 creating it’s own administrative group or routing group. I was able to move the mailboxes from X2K3 to X2K7 but address book and other setting will not move and routing will not happen if I shutdown X2K3. MS will go down under if they continue to test people’s patience by sending them BETA products as RTMs and SP1 & SP2 as feature packs which in fact makes the RTM real. I do not understand what’s packed in the whopping 5.4GB installation source which 12MB maildaemon can not do. It’s pity to see that the developers publicly claim "SP1 will fill in the feature holes that we just didn’t have time to complete by RTM"

  83. boe says:

    Easy1Indian – can’t agree more – I posted a similar comment in the MS Newsgroup – public.Excahnge.setup  – topic – Where do you sign up for the exchange 2007 SP1 beta?

    Someone from MS said – they wanted feedback on Exchange 2007 I said some similar things and they said there are no issues with removing Exchange 2007, it doesn’t do anything to exchange 2003 and I was made to feel like an idiot because I didn’t want to use the powerscripts since I was happy with managing through ESM in the past 3 versions.   They didn’t seem to think there were any issues with public folders either.  I guess since I’m not a programmer my opinions didn’t count for much.   Hopefully you’ll post this comment in that group as well.

  84. Anonymous says:

    I am finished with the Q&A Log from Part 19 (Introduction to Disaster Recovery) of the 24 Part Exchange

  85. TDS OWA and Edge limitations says:

    It woud be nice if Edge service could filter and send back to CAS the OWA and Outlook anywhere comunication. Also it would be alot better if Microsoft allows authenticated SMTP relay for outside users on edge. thats a big limitation.

  86. C says:

    It will be a great feature of SIt will be a great feature of SCR when it can be used to:

    – Extend an Exchange 2007 standard edition with an SCR copy (same or other datacenter)

    DOubletake doesn’t require the Windows or Exchange to be Enterprise versions to provide this kind of functionality.CR when you don

  87. Briam says:

    Great Product.  I like a lot of the new features and flexibility in Exchange 2007 management shell.

    One question.  We are testing the E2k7 SP1 in our lab, but dont see the Move Mailbox export to PST feature.  Where is it?

  88. Exchange says:


    I just accelerated posting a separate blog post on this, you can find it here:

  89. Briam says:

    Thank you very much … just what I wanted.  :-)

  90. Sven Hagström says:

    Will I be possible to mail enable multiple users from the same OU in one instance. Today you can do this in the management shell I know but I would like to do this in the GUI as in Exchange 2003 with ADUC?

  91. aeg42 says:

    Will SCR be available in Standard edition, or will you need Enterprise?  It’s hard to tell from Microsoft’s current data sheet, which says LCR is available on Standard, but CCR needs Enterprise.  Where does SCR fall in the middle?

  92. Elan Shudnow says:

    Just like many others, please add a lot of the functionality that you could do in the Exchange 2003 GUI back to the Exchange 2007 GUI.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Faltan unos meses para que salga a producción, pero ya están disponibles las release notes de la beta

  94. Ashley Featherstone says:

    Where can we get the 2007 SP1 beta?  I can’t find it anywhere on Technet or MSDN.  Is it restricted to beyond a regular subscription level?

  95. ryandasilva says:

    Hey guys. I have just opbtained a copy of SP1 beta from MSDN. I’m looking for the support for SCR but i dont see it anywhere. I know this is in beta but can someone atleast point me in the right direction? Much appreciated.

  96. ninob says:


    SCR is not in the build yet.

  97. Anonymous says:

    Good evening all my Exchange Scenario Masters! Thank you for attending the webcast on Exchange Server

  98. ryandasilva says:

    Im confused, why does it say SCR is included in SP1 beta but now it’s not there? Will it be available in one of the future beta releases or if it makes it only the final sp1? also, does the current beta released on msdn support exchange 2007 with longhorn server and clustering on different subnets?

  99. ninob says:


    Sorry for the confusion on this; this post goes over some of features that will be available in SP1. SP1 however is still in Beta, so not all of the functionality is in it as of yet. I do expect that this would be available in future releases of SP1.

    The currently available build also does not run very well on LH. The next available build will be much better in that regard too, when that happens, we will go into how to install it etc.

  100. Betatester says:

    Is it possible to add some functionality to the OWA?

    Like the possibility to share a calendar? Or share other olders? Or to enhance the Open other mailbox button for other standard folder

  101. ryandasilva says:

    Thanks ninob. I’m assuming you’re part of the exchange team? good job guys. 2007 seems awesome so far. alot more complicated to setup but nonethless very powerful.

  102. ninob says:


    Yes – sorry I was not linking to my Bio on those two comments, done here :)

  103. rishi shah says:

    I applied this update to the server holding the mailboxes and perforimng the owa function. It will not install and i get the error described above saying a file is in use. I switched on Verbose logging for the msi installer but the log file is so long and there is no easy way of finding out which file is being used that the service pack wants to install.

    However due to this my OWA is absolutely screwed and if i log into it, it looks like a page that has lost its style sheet and i cannot open and e-mails from owa, ect. However outlook and activesync still function.

    Any help would be much appreciated… my address is rishi at

  104. rishi shah says:

    I applied this update to the server holding the mailboxes and perforimng the owa function. It will not install and i get the error described above saying a file is in use. I switched on Verbose logging for the msi installer but the log file is so long and there is no easy way of finding out which file is being used that the service pack wants to install.

    However due to this my OWA is absolutely screwed and if i log into it, it looks like a page that has lost its style sheet and i cannot open and e-mails from owa, ect. However outlook and activesync still function.

    Any help would be much appreciated… my address is rishi at

  105. ninob says:


    Did you apply the update from KB930809 also to the CAS server? If not – please do so…

  106. Loren says:

    I agree with the others: Power shell is great for large organizations with highly specialized IT positions, but leaving simple, common things out of the GUI is just lazy, cheap programming. Are we regresssing to DOS again here?

    I attended the launch event in Seattle and watched the poor dude trying to demo the ‘amazing’ features of Exchange Powershell fail over and over due to syntax error and typos. "See how great this is? Oops. Uh. Let me try that again."

    Small environment admins don’t want to type 200 character commands into a CLI to accomplish what can be done with three mouse clicks. A flashy name like "Powershell" doesn’t make it any better.

    Get off your butts and finish the freaking GUI. It’s called "WINDOWS" after all. If we wanted a cryptic, arcane, tedious CLI we’d all be using *nix.

  107. jim says:

    Questions about SP1 Beta

    Is there anyway to uninstall it?

    If you install it, is there a way to install patches that come out after SP1 beta?

  108. jim says:

    Questions about SP1 Beta

    Is there anyway to uninstall it?

    If you install it, is there a way to install patches that come out after SP1 beta?

  109. Anonymous says:

    Artimiausiu metu turėtų pasirodyti Exchange Server 2007 SP1, kuriame bus ne tik klaidų pataisymai, bet ir šis tas naujo

  110. says:

    Some things I would like to see in E2K7 SP1:

    1. Managed Folders:Would like to be able to exempt sub-folders of default mailbox folders from applied managed content settings. In other words, if I set a 30 day timer to delete content from the Inbox, I’d like to be able to exempt any/all sub-folders from this policy.

    2. Ability to view all mailbox sizes via GUI.

  111. Anonymous says:

    What a great start to the 15th edition of Microsoft TechEd . The weather has turned out to be perfect

  112. Anonymous says:

    Nu er sidste halvdel af føljetonen fra TechEd Orlando klar. Læs om Jakob Heidelbergs oplevelser – og

  113. Anonymous says:

    It seems the punch line is that everything shipped pre-maturely in this last round. Whether it's

  114. Anonymous says:

    Hi all Exchange 2007 SP 1 is on his way and with him some great new features. I’m going to describe here

  115. toxqu says:

    For all the money and time spent on exchange you would think that it can match lotus notes.  I first Used lotus Notes 4 in 1996 and even exchange 2007 can’t match the simplicity in administration, Disaster recovery, restoring of individual email in a cinch.  Yes that is correct 1996 lotus notes R4 why are companies continuing to push Microsoft junk day after day…

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