Video demos for running Exchange and Outlook DST 2007 tools

EDIT: This post has been edited on 9/14/2007 to point to new versions of videos.

We have put together three demos that you can use to familiarize yourself with the process of running the DST tools. We think that the following three scenarios cover what people need to run most often.

DST: How to Address Daylight Saving Time by Using the Exchange  Calendar Data Update Tool


DST: Using the Outlook v2.0 Time Zone Data Update Tool


DST: Cumulative Time Zone Update for Microsoft Windows

EDIT 3/1/07: We have added additional video for resource mailboxes here.

- Steve Justice, Chris Burnham

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  1. Simon says:

    That’s brilliant, thank you! (I’m already done the updates so it’s too late for me, but now I have somewhere to direct others.)

  2. ldp says:

    May I make this video available to my users, either by linking to it or by hosting it on our organization’s support site?

  3. Exchange says:

    LDP – sure, go for it.

    Linking might work better to get most up to date info as we are looking to post updated videos for v2 version of the tool and then I plan to comment the post to include links to that.

  4. IJ says:

    These walkthroughs are extremely helpful. Thank you very much.

  5. Eric says:

    Where can I get the MsExTmz.exe referenced? I can only find MsExTmz.msi linked off the site which does not include MsExTmzcfg.msi. I am following the link from which takes me to

  6. miked says:

    I see the Exchange tool V2 has been posted, but I didnt see any update on what has changed. Anyone know what changed or where the info is available

  7. Rob D. says:

    The MSEXTMZ 2.0 tool has indeed been released. The KB article (930879) has been updated, unfortunately, it is missing a very important piece! It reads:

    "If you are using direct booking or the Auto Accept Agent, follow these steps to update the resource mailboxes."

    There are no steps listed after this section, it jumps right to Public Folders. Can someone alert the KB article writers, and have them update that section? We are rolling out the updates this weekend. This section is very important as we have numerous resources using AutoAccept.

  8. Exchange says:

    Rob D and MikeD,

    What has been posted is the Exchange tool v2, yes. However, this is not what will help with resource mailboxes and is NOT the tool that will help with the resource mailboxes. the Exchange tool brings a bit more robustness in UI, logging etc – pretty much all of which you can see if you run the tool. No more need for server LegacyExchangeDN for example or Outlook registry path.

    The updated Outlook tool is scheduled to come out next week, and that will provide additional relief for PF based calendars and recource mailboxes.

  9. Rob D. says:

    Thanks for that information. We have scheduled this Sunday for our update. Is there any chance that the updated tool will be released before then?

  10. agrajag42 says:

    The original webcast mentioned that the server you run the Exchange Calendar Update Tool has to be in the time zone in which you are performing updates for.  So, we would have to parse out the users in different time zones.

    The tool seems to address multiple time zones for mailboxes on the same server (ie. a server in PA that has users in NY, PA, MN, etc.).

    Is this correct?

  11. Exchange says:

    Rob D,

    The chance of this coming this week is very small, I would not count on it.

    agrajag42 – the new version of the Exchange tool – yes that is one of things that are improved in it.

  12. marius says:

    This new version of the Exchange tool ensur that single instance items created after the date on which the operating system time zone updates were applied are not rebased?

  13. Exchange says:


    No – the new tool can not ensure that… the reason for the inability to solve that is because even the newly created appointments, created after OS was patched (unless tehy were created using Outlook 2007 client) do not have the timezone information embedded in them, so they will get moved by default. However if you run the Outlook tool, you will have the choice not to move those.

  14. marius says:

    Thanks for that information.

  15. SPIDER says:

    I have been unable to install the new Exchange tool.  It insists I still have the previous version installed, which I don’t.  I even tried the Installer Cleanup tool, but no dice.  I didn’t see anything in the registry, but I suspect I’m looking at the wrong place.  Any ideas on how to get the v2 tool to install?

  16. Tim says:

    Do you have an idea on when version 2 of the VM will be released for download? We plan to start testing this weekend, with rollout/patching next weekend.

    We currently are unable to install v2 of the exchange tool, it complains about v1 still being installed. Any help on that in the meantime before v2 of the VM is released so that we can continue with testing using v2 this weekend?

  17. Rob D. says:

    Tim and Spider,

    When I moved from version 1 to version 2 of the Exchange tool, I had to uninstall both MSEXTMZ and MSEXTMZCFG separately. And another issue, the CFG tool needs to be uninstalled using the same account that was used to install it, as it appears to install per-user, not per-machine. It won’t appear in add/remove programs for any other account. Version 2 uses a single installer to install both tools, thankfully.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The DST 2007 and Exchange product group have released an updated version of the Exchange Calendar Update

  19. Jason says:

    Is it normal for Version 2 of the tool not to open Outlook each time?  I just want to make sure that is correct because I am not sure it is working.

  20. Jason says:

    Also.. what does it mean when it says, "No log file written for user"?

  21. Exchange says:

    Jason, yes – that is expected.

  22. Jason says:

    The tool looked like it was running fine and then every mailbox started to get the following error:

    No Event log records written – Treated as failure.

    HrProcessMailbox:Unable to process mailbox

  23. Harry says:

    If we decide to rebook the appointment manually, we don’t have to run the tool again next year for recurring meeting, as long as we patched Exchange servers, WS, right?

  24. Eric W says:

    I start having the same problem as Jason.

    I have not got it working yet.

    I noticed the utility is adding a bunch of outlook profiles.

  25. JamesK says:

    I know you’re saying you can can’t update single instance appointments because of not having the Time Zone stamp, but why not by creation, accepted, or sent date instead?  If we know or were able to check on the local machine when the patch was applied, then only adjust for those appointments that were created/accepted/sent before the installation date?

  26. President Carter says:

    Is there an estimate as to ‘when’ the new Outlook tool will be coming out?  We ran the updates this weekend, and are having NO luck getting resource accounts or Public Folders to update.  I’ve run the grant permissions script against all resource accounts, but cannot get those to update.  Every public folder I run the Outlook tool against tells me there are no items to be updated.

    Let’s just say my boss is unhappy with the results thus far…

  27. Speedy8 says:

    I used the demo and that was very helpful and we got the Exchange tool both V1 and V2 to run ok. But even though it ran it did not fix the calendar appointments as anticipated. It only provided one log file for a user instead of the 11 expected and said it fixed one appt. so we then logged back in under the user and the time did not change.  We tested the manual tzmove.exe outlook tool and that did show that it would fix the appts that the exchange tool missed but with several hundred users this is not the preferred method. Will there be any updates to the exchange tool? Any suggestions we can test in our lab to get the current exchange tool v1 or v2 to fix the appts.

  28. Greg Lambert says:

    I am trying to update my Exchange server using the Exchange Update Tool but when I enter in the LegacyExchangeDN is gives me the following error message:

    "Invalid Server. Please make sure you have enetered valid server name"

    This is the following Server Name I am entering (edited of course):

    ServerDN=/o=DOMAINNAME/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Configuration/cn=Servers/cn=EXCHANGESRVRNAME

    I am also selecting the Outlook Profile name from the drop down menu, and selecting "Extract Recurring Meeting Time Zones"

    Am I doing something wrong?

  29. Exchange says:


    Try downloading the V2 of Exchange tool, it does not require Legacy Exchange DN anymore…

  30. Greg Lambert says:

    Thanks Exchange. That was it. I am now running MsExTmzCfg.exe and it goes through all the mailboxes and I get the following on almost all of them (I think):

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Unable find mailbox timezone:Error 0x80004005.

    Any suggestions?

  31. Labattb says:

    I have a question?  When I run the Exchange Update Tool I get to a screen called Map Time Zones:

    My organization is only in 2 Time Zones. (Atlantic and Newfoundland)-

    In the Map Time Zone Dialog box I see 3 time zones.


    Atlantic Time (Canada)

    GMT -4 (Standard)/GMT -300 (Daylight)

    Central Time



    Fore the GMT -4 (Standard)/GMT -300 (Daylight) – "Someone may have made this custom zone and I think I can map it to Atlantic Time Canada since it is the same offset from GMT.

    For the one that says central time I can use the correct central time zone.

    When I move to the next screen called Calender update Configuration under Select Time Zones that need to be updated I only see one time zone listed (Atlantic Time – Canada).  Should I see multiple time zones?  Also do I have to somehow seperate out my users to update by thier time zones?

  32. Exchange says:


    "Unable find mailbox timezone:Error 0x800004005" during time zone extraction process is not a big deal, you do not have to worry about this much.

    Simply add those users into mailboxes_1.txt, tab separated, in the format of "user <tab> server <tab> timezone". You can use Excel to make this easy (Excel is on the virtual machine that you can download from us with tools), hopefully most of your users are in the same timezone – then it becomes REALLY easy.

  33. President Carter says:

    What if your users are spread across the globe, and 50% don’t return a value?  What would you recommend in this case?  If I assume based on which mail server they’re attached to (we have one in most timezones), what if I get some wrong?  Will all these people’s appointments show up off?

  34. Ben says:

    I am still confused after reading all the documentation about whether meeting notices will be updated correctly when running the exchange tool.  Our DST patch has been applied to all user workstations.  Meetings scheduled prior to the patch are off by one hour.  I understand these will be corrected.  Will meetings that are NOT off by one hour also be affected when running the exchange tool?  Can the exchange tool be run for just select users?

  35. President Carter says:

    Ben, you can select which users the exchange tool runs against, by editing the .txt files that list your exchange mailboxes.

  36. Exchange says:


    Meetings that are NOT wrong WILL also get moved… unless they were created using Outlook 2007. That is because only Outlook 2007 embeds the timezone info into the meeting request, other clients do not.

    That is why you see it written that patching and rebasing should be done in rapid succession, so the amount of newly created appointments once the OS patches are applied is as low as possible.

    Yes you can run the tool only for some users. Just edit the files that the Exchange tool gives you as a result of a run, before you run the batch file. Take the mailboxes you do not want to run on out.

  37. gs says:

    Since the Exchange tool uses its own version of tzmove.exe –  will it still require the updated Outlook Tool (v.2)  ?

  38. Exchange says:

    President Carter,

    From what we have learned, there seems to be no issue with "assigning" a time zone to a bunch of clients. If you are not sure where some of the clinet s are, assign them a timezone based on your best guess and run the tool. What happens (in our lab testing) is that Outlook actually displays things correctly once the client has logged on. Note that this is coming from what we have seen in support cases. I would suggest you test this for few test mailboxes and assign them a "wrong" timezone to make sure that nothing out of ordinary happens. Create a "complex" mailbox meaning if there are 3rd party mobile devices, OWA access etc, make sure this mailbox does it.

  39. Rolando Rodriguez says:

    I have an issue, I ran the update on a PC that had not gotten the DST update, so all the appointments in the March 10 to April 1st range were moved one hour ahead. What’s the easiest route to fix those appointments? I am in Eastern Standard and my file is set to Eastern Time. I was thinking of updating the mailboxes_1 file with Central so it would force the changes to those dates or is there a better way??

  40. Exchange says:

    The hotfix for the Outlook tool is now available. Please see the following KB article:

    Please note that the original Outlook tool has to be installed before the hotfix is applied. The article contains information about new switches available in the tool. This IS what has been called a "V2" of Outlook tool, but it is not a new standalone version but is rather a hotfix for the original tool.

  41. Rolando Rodriguez says:

    So since the old tool updated everything to the DST Updated time, all appointments in the 3 week period are one hour forward. What is the easiest way to correct them all? I see in the new tool there are more options, would those help?

  42. Greg Lambert says:

    I was successful with running the batch file. I did run into a few users who

    errored out. What do you think of the error codes?

    0x8004011C and 0x80070002

  43. Rolando Rodriguez says:

    Interestingly.. it appears that even though the patch wasn’t applied, the first time through it really didn’t run against anything (no files were created for each user) However what I find interesting is there are certain recurring appts that DID change to their correct time, and then we have others that did not on the same day. Any clues as to why or perhaps how to check to make sure they are all correct?

  44. JasonG says:

    Just an FYI.

    The error I was receiving:

    "No Event log records written – Treated as failure.

    HrProcessMailbox:Unable to process mailbox"  

    This was due to my application log in my event viewer was filling up.  I was keeping 7 days of events so I changed it to overwrite as needed.

  45. RussJr. says:

    Thank you so much for this BLOG and the videos. It has been VERY helpful.


  46. Darthmauler says:

    I have the V2 for the Exchange Calendaring tool and it still comes up with the legacydn for Exchange and I cut and paste it from adsieditbut it still says invalid server. What am I doing wrong.

  47. Greg Lambert says:

    Anyone know what the following error messages mean?

    0x8004011C and 0x80070002


  48. Darthmauler says:

    The netbios name worked for me

  49. Rod Payne says:

    We "successfully" used the Exchange V2 tool this weekend to update about 5k mailboxes.  We seemed to have some problems with exceptions to recurring meetings…  the original date and time seemed to come back in addition to the rescheduled meeting.

    The video on this site was very helpful as was the virtual machine that was provided.  We ran one virtual machine for each mailbox being updated.  A summary of notes that may help others:

    The V1 uninstall was not complete, so the v2 install complained.  I deleted some installation things from the registry to get the install to work (and installed to a new c:DSTV2 directory), but since then I have read that both the MSEXTMZ and MSEXTMZCFG tools need to be uninstalled from the original account that installed them.

    We set up a new domain account to run this with "Exchange Calendar Update Tool" as its display name so that the meeting notices are sent as "Exchange Calendar Update Tool on behalf of …"  This account was added to an Exchange Recovery Administrator group that we already had that has Receive As permission on each mail store.  No first step with running MSEXTMZ and the grant mailbox permission script.

    The V2 MSEXTMZCFG tool was improved to allow the simple server name to be entered, but that had the effect of giving an error if you followed the old instructions for entering the legacy DN, including the same message as if you had typed the DN wrong.   It might have been nice to accept either one,  especially after struggling to get it right with v1, but no harm as long as you know.

    The last thing was that we haven’t rolled out Outlook 2007 or Exchange 2007, so about half of the mailboxes ended up in NonExistent.txt.  Added the time zone and ran them back through for a second run of MSEXTMZCFG.

  50. Chuck says:

    The MS directions are getting updated daily it seems, I ran into big problems with the calendarupdate tool I kept getting the error

    "HrProcessMailbox:Unable to process mailbox" and "HrProcessInputFile:Error Processing Mailbox".

    I worked with MS support and resolved it. The steps I took are outlined here;

    I’m gonna make another run with the new version. I report my new findings at the address above as well.

  51. Anonymous says:

    [Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Chris Puckett] Extended Daylight Saving Time, SBS 2003, and You

  52. Anonymous says:

    Q: Regarding the Exchange tool: I have my desktop team deploying the DST patch now and I’m going to have

  53. Anonymous says:

    Q: If the rebasing tool is run from the server side, will it update resource calendars, such as conference

  54. Michael S. says:

    So I ran the exchange update tool but appointments that are set to all day, are now spanning two days?  Anyone have the same experience?

  55. Chuck says:

    Yes Michael S. I have the same thing happening. But it is random not on everyones calendar in my test group. I wonder if when we get into March (after the 11th) will this fix itself? I dont really see how. I think another rush to get the update out may have left us with more bugs.

  56. Jeff H says:

    Fantastic video, it was a great help in making this change for my company. Thanks for taking the time to put it together!

  57. Ian B says:

    I’m trying to run this thing and I get the following errors:

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Please log on to a profile with administrator privileges.

    My account is in the Domain Admins group.

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Processing mailbox mailbox /O=BLAH/OU=BLAH/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=DANNYJ.

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Unable find mailbox timezone:Error 0x80004005.

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Processing mailbox /O=BLAH/OU=BLAH/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=ADVOL.

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Unable find mailbox timezone:Error 0x80004005.

    HrProcessMailboxTable:Processing mailbox /O=BLAH/OU=BLAH/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=DAVEP.

    At that point, it blows up and asks about sending an error report to Microsoft.

    Any suggestions?

  58. Harry says:


    There are lots of calendars in our public folders. We have to run Outlook DST tool to update each of them. Is there any way to extract calendar path from PF automatically so that we can run the tool in silent mode?


  59. Bobby says:

    For people who have random results with TZMove, we ran into the same issue at our company, where all OS patches are applied but when the TZMove tool is run, some people see the proper time and some show a difference of an hour. We finally found the reason why for this. Even though all OS patches are applied and registry settings show the right settings, the OS doesn’t seem to take the changes properly. If you manually change the clock to 1:59am and wait for the change, you will see that the clock will change to 2:00am instead of 3:00am. You have to force the refreshTZinfo.vbs script detailed in KB914387 to enable the changes on the PC or manually change the time zone to something else and change it back. This may be a serious bug with the patch that microsoft released. Many systems at our company is affected until we found out why this morning.

  60. Gantcho says:

    Excellent blog, Thank you

    Possible bug? Here is a situation that creates a problem:

    1. On unpatched for dst XP create a meeting on march 13th for 10am, subject: 10am test

    2. Patch the XP for DST and reboot

    3. Create a second meeting on March 13th at 2pm (2pmtest in subject). At this point the first meeting should be off by an hour.

    4. Run the exchange mailbox update tool.

    Result: It fixes the first meeting and moves the second off by one hour.

  61. Rod Payne says:


    That’s why you want to run the Exchange Mailbox Update as close as possible to the patching of Windows.  The v2 of the Outlook Tool has a new setting to look at the date when the desktop was patched, but it seems like that would only be useful for a user’s calendar that is only updated from one desktop.

  62. Gantcho says:

    Thanks for the reply Rod,

    With many small companies that do not have established patch management policies and users update their own computers, that can cause irritations.

    Also although I cannot say that I’ve read all the articles that cover the problem, I did an extensive research and didn’t find information on this possible scenario.

  63. Harry says:

    Hello Exchange,

    Thank you for your info. I got list of calendars in PF. the command line I have to use is

    tzmove.exe -QUIET \Public FoldersAll Public FoldersFolder1Sub FolderCalendar

    How can I create a batch file to run the command with multiple public folders?

    any one has example?

    will this work?

    tzmove.exe -QUIET \Public FoldersAll Public FoldersFolder1Sub FolderCalendar1

    tzmove.exe -QUIET \Public FoldersAll Public FoldersFolder1Sub FolderCalendar2

    in one batch file?

    Thanks again

  64. SebSeb says:

    I ran the GrantMailboxPermission.vbs and have not gotten the error output log or the regular log yet.  How long should this take to complete running before the log files are returned?


  65. MarkB says:

    JasonG you were spot on!  How you went from your error message to event viewer boggles my mind.  We checked errors, but it never dawned on us that it was full!

    And to the rest – Thanks for the info. We finished the conversion without loosing a single engineer. :)

  66. President Carter says:

    Harry, I tried to script it that way, but was unsuccessful, and thus spent half my day yesterday manually clicking, etc.

  67. CoreyS says:

    JasonG I don’t know how you figured that one out but Microsoft needs to know about it!

  68. JasonG says:

    Thanks for the kudos guys.  Tell my boss about it… hahaha.

    I have already let Microsoft know that that was an issue and I also posted it during the chat.

  69. Nima says:

    Can we get these Videos for the version 2 of the tool?

  70. Exchange says:


    We are working on another video, should not be too long before it’s ready.

  71. Anonymous says:

    In this video, we are demonstrating how to use the updated Outlook Time Zone Tool to update a resource…

  72. Harry says:

    Is there any update for PF in quiet mode? It seems to me it doesn’t work? can we run Batch file?

  73. Harry says:

    I run tzmove -quiet \public folder… and got the folowing error:

    The Time Zone Data Update tool for Microsoft Office Outlook encountered the error: The operation failed. Additional error information: 8004010F (, , 00000000, 00000000). from application log. I really want to make it work. I am owner of all public folders. I can run it interactive mode with no iisue. just have too many calendars in PF to go.Thanks.

  74. John says:

    During the manual timezone mapping I have the following question:

    If the user time zone = Pacific what is the equilivant Windows Time Zone?  Tijuana/Baja California or Pacific Time (US & Canada)?

  75. Harry says:

    President Carter,

    I have called PSS and work with the guy all day and  withWe just figure out. here is the command for a batch file:

    tzmove.exe -Q \Public FoldersAll Public FoldersFolder1Sub FolderCalendar1

    tzmove.exe -Q \Public FoldersAll Public FoldersFolder1Sub FolderCalendar2




    1. replace -QUITE with -Q

    2. Each command line end with ""

    one line space between each command line.

    I test it in LAB. it works fine. BTW, I used pfadmin to extract the path of calendar. I found out, it removed All Public Folders after \Public Folders.


  76. Bill Long says:

    Thanks Harry! In the comments of my post on how to extract the folder paths, I posted a Powershell one-liner that will take the PFDAVAdmin output and put it into the format you specified. You’ll find it here:

  77. Kodi M says:

    Is there a way to get this tool to run WITHOUT sending appointment updates? We are a large law firm and flodding our secretaries and attorneys inboxes with new appointment times is something we’d really like to avoid.

  78. Exchange says:

    Kodi M,

    Please see: then "Scenario 2: Force rebase calendar items and suppress the calendar updates that result from the time zone rebasing"

  79. M Broad says:

    Harry, did you happen to get the switches and pathing for what it would be to update a users secondary calendar from a command line? I have a lot of users who have additional calendars and it says in the article 933146 that the command could be:

    tzmove.exe -Q \Mailbox – UserSecond Calendar

    But it is not working. Thoughts?

  80. Kodi M says:

    Thanks, Exchange.

    However, after some testing, it appears that the tool correctly updates our recurring appointments using the /FORCEREBASESUPPRESSALLUPDATES switch, but screws up our non recurring, all day appointments.

    Is there a work around for this?

  81. Kodi M says:


    I’m sorry, my last post is incorrect. Using the /FORCEREBASESUPPRESSALLUPDATES switch fixes our all day appointments that do not have the "All day" box checked, but breaks all day appointments that DO have the box check. These new span two days.

    Any work around?

  82. JP says:

    I have reviewed your video, and as Eric pointed before, I am unable to find theMsExTmz.exe Can someone please clarify if this is needed with Version 2 of the released MsExTmz.msi?



  83. AaronS says:

    I’ve been working with the Exchange update tool on a test system and have come up with a few questions to kind of help my understanding of the workings of the tool itself.  For example, what exactly is the Time Zone Extraction process doing?  At first, I thought it was extracting the DN’s of mailboxes that require updating (i.e. they have calendar events that are incorrect) but I’ve since come to suspect that it isn’t that smart and that all it’s doing is creating a list of ALL the recipient DN’s on the exchange server, and while it’s at it, it tries to provide time zone information for each user…IF it can find it.  That sound about right?

    When I run the extraction against our server that has roughly 2500 mail boxes, it comes back with 93 in the Output file.  None of which are heavy calendar users.  All the rest are in the Error file saying it couldn’t find any time zone info.  If my suspiciouns are correct, that’s really no big deal as I can just dump all the DN’s from both files into Excel and create a tab delimited file with server and time zone information for each DN.  Lucky for me, we’re all in the same Time zone.

    My other question is about re-sending of meeting requests.  What triggers this?  I’ve run the tool a few times in my test environment, against meetings that have attendees, but never saw any extra meeting requests.  I admit, though, that I *could* have missed them or thought they were the original meeting request.  Still, it would be good to know how this is triggered so we can know how best to forewarn our users.

  84. AaronS says:

    Another quick question to add on to my previous post.  How does the extraction tool extract time zone information anyway?  I find it curious that with all the users we have, it was only able to find time zone information for 93 of them.

  85. DrB says:

    JP:  Run the MSI.  It will extract the files you are looking for.

  86. JeffBe says:

    AaronS – The tool extracts the DN of all users on the server.  It then tries to locate the time zone by looking at 3 properties on the mailbox.  If the user has a blackberry or other mobile device it will find that time zone.  Next is if the user has logged in with OWA, and last if the user is using Outlook 2007, the outlook time zone property will be populated.  If you choose to extract information based on recurring meeting information then that is a 4th option but it does take longer.

    Since you are all in the same time zone you should just be able to put that in the file for your imports.  No big deal and may I add Lucky You.

    If a meeting has multiple attendees the tzmove program will send updates.  You have to have send as rights on all mailboxes for this to happen.  The updated store fix included in the time zone hotfix for Exchange changed the behavior of Send As.  Please see the link in the Exchange DST KB article referencing send as permissions.

  87. AaronS says:

    JeffBe: Ah.  Ok.  All of our outlook users use 2003 so no timezone info there.  No one uses mobile devices so no timezone info there.  However, all of our students use OWA and all of our Macintosh users use Entourage (which interfaces via OWA) so therefore all of those folks SHOULD have timezone info in their mailboxes correct?  OR  do they have to not only log in via OWA, but actually USE the calendar portion?  I wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that none of the OWA users or Entourage users use the Calendar portion of Exchange.

  88. JeffBe says:

    You do have to set your time zone information manually in OWA.  If you haven’t set it, you will see a popup at the top that says to use the options page to set your time zone information.  

  89. Anonymous says:

    It’s so hard to get all of the details in a small sound bite. ;) I had the pleasure last week to speak

  90. JXP says:

    I was on a call with Microsoft support regarding this procedure, however they did not say anything regarding patch KB926666, which looks like it tneeds to be installed AFTER running successfully the Exchange Calendar Update tool; Does anyone know what is this used for and if it is indeed needed after the Exchange tool?



  91. AaronS says:

    I looked closer at the log file and see that what was happening is the first 93 users it processed had an error of "Unable find mailbox timezone".  Yet, it put those users in the output.txt and most of them had a timezone listed for them.  After the first 93 users, though, all of the users had the error of "Unable log onto user mailbox".  This was all done with version 1 of the tool as I was running it from the MS supplied virtual machine.  I’ve since created my own virtual machine with version 2 of the tool.  So far the extraction is showing the "Unable find mailbox timezone" error for each user (including those that exclusively use OWA).  I am seeing the occasional "unable log on to user" but it doesn’t appear to be as much as before.

      The problem I’m having with THIS install though, is that if I try to apply the hotfix from last weekend (KB933146) it fails.  No error or reason, just "The update failed".  Is this update Outlook 2007 specific because this machine has Outlook 2003 installed on it.  We don’t have 2007 here…

  92. Gary says:

    When you get the no log file was written; does this mean it didn’t do any update for that particular user?

  93. abdul says:

    This a question regarding what Ben and Exchange talked about above.  Meetings that are correct will also be moved? We did our OS patches in Dec via wsus….and then our Exchange servers were patched in Feb.  so there is quite a bit of time in between.  And now we are planning to run the rebasing tool tonite.  We are only going to do recurring meetings.  And i was under the impression that the rebasing tool will fix meetings prior to the OS patch.  but Exchange mentioned above that it will also change meetings that are correct… So do i need to worry that recurring meetings made after the OS patch will be changed as well?  this could be a huge monkey wrench in our plans tonite.

  94. Neil S says:

    Thanks Jason G! Your recommendation did the trick for me, after fighting with this issue for a day-and-a-half (oh, and ‘So happy to do it’). I never would’ve thought a log file issue would have held up the process – Go figure!


    Just an FYI.

    The error I was receiving:

    "No Event log records written – Treated as failure.

    HrProcessMailbox:Unable to process mailbox"  

    This was due to my application log in my event viewer was filling up.  I was keeping 7 days of events so I changed it to overwrite as needed.

  95. Jeff25 says:

    I’m having trouble running the tool because it keeps asking me to authenticate Outlook when running the VM. I’ve set the permissions for the account I’m logged in as to have full access to the mailboxes, but when running on a test mailbox (my own), it doesn’t work.

  96. johnredd says:

    I’m still a little confuse. The calendar update is suppose to move your appoinments 1 hour back so when the dst day comes it will align all the appointments back to the original time slot?

  97. AaronS says:

    Is anyone having trouble applying the hotfix for the Outlook tool from KB933146?  I have an XP system with Office 2003 on it.  I installed the tzmove utility downloaded from KB931667 and installed it. But when I attempt to apply the hotfix, it says "the installation of this package failed".  I was able to apply the hotfix on the virtual machine I had also obtained from Microsoft, and it has the same version of tzmove as this system.  Can the different Outlook versions be causing this?  My system has 2003 and the VM from Microsoft has 2007.

  98. Ben Winzenz says:


    If you ONLY patch recurring meetings, then you will be fine.  Since recurring meetings have time zone information stamped on them, only those that were created prior to the OS patch would require to be updated.  Any recurring meetings that were created after the OS patch was applied would have the correct time zone information and would not be updated.

  99. abdul says:

    Thnx..Ben.. I thought I did remember reading that recurring meetings do have a time zone embedded in them…just not single instances… appreciate the time and effort.

  100. Andrew Tatum says:

    I’m in an awkward situation right now. I’m with a startup company with not too many resources. We just setup exchange and I’m administering it, with this being my first time EVER having any experience with Exchange (2003).  I’m moving along pretty nicely from reading books, blogs, etc.

    This though… I’m confused.

    Should I run the Exchange patch first and then ask the end users to run the update? Or do I only do the Exchange patch and it handles the rest?

    What should be my plan of action… simply?

  101. Anonymous says:

    Q: What is the best method to rebase multiple users from a single location without having to log in as

  102. Sean says:

    Having some confusion about the calendar update tool. We applied all the patches in this order:

    1. Updates on Server

    2. Updates on Workstations

    3. Exchange Server DST

    4. Ran the exchange calendar tool against all users

    The problem that we’re having is some calendar entry was moved back -1 hour? is this the normal behavior or did we miss something?

  103. abdul says:

    I didnt know that when you run the extraction time zone would take hours…depending on the number of mailboxes…on one server it took 5 hours… we only did recurring time zones also…thats why according MS

    question for everyone is…what if not all mailboxes show up in the mailboxes.txt file?  the tool seemed to have missed a lot of mailboxes that need to get updated? does that mean i have to manually update each mailbox that the tool didnt pick up?  or can i add those missing mailboxes in the text file?

  104. ninob says:


    You can add those missing mailboxes into the text file if the time zone extraction failed, yes. Just try making sure that you specify a correct timezone for them in the text file to prevent other possible issues. Other than that – no problems with that.

  105. I am having the same issue as Jeff.

    "I’m having trouble running the tool because it keeps asking me to authenticate Outlook when running the VM. I’ve set the permissions for the account I’m logged in as to have full access to the mailboxes, but when running on a test mailbox (my own), it doesn’t work."

    Any fix for this issue?



  106. abdul says:

    i am running the rebasing now…so far its going ok…question is what if there is no log file written for user? how can you tell if it worked or not?

  107. ScottW says:

    We are experiencing an issue where the tzmove app crashes on three of our resource mailboxes (they use direct booking), we have not proceeded to the user mailboxes as yet.  We get an event id 1000 in the app log.  Originally we ran this with the exchange wrapper, but have had the same result running manually against only the one mailbox.  When running against the individual mailbox, we can see the item count, and it always fails on the same item number.  We have copied the calendar to a PST file and run against it, with the same result (same total item count, and failing after the same item number).  Note that when we opened the mailbox, there was a great number of old reminders (people booking as an attendee, grrrr…), these were all dismissed, still same result.  We then purged old items (taking one of the mailboxes from 1500+ to about 500 items), and ran the tool standalone.  It still crashed; however, the item number did change.  We ran SCANPST against the PST, no corrupted items found.  On recommendation, we also migrated the resource mailbox to another store database (in the same storage group), no corrupted items found, still crashing.  HELP!!!!


  108. ScottW says:

    Sorry, forgot to include the text from the app log on previous message.

    Type: Error

    Source: Application Error

    Event ID: 1000

    Faulting application tzmove.exe, version 12.0.6010.5000, faulting module tzmove.exe, version 12.0.6010.5000, fault address 0x00016911.


  109. ThanksForNothing says:

    Garbage. Utter and complete garbage.  Microsoft really dropped the ball on this "patch".   All-Day appointments are broken (shifted to two day appointments), I’m also seeing *some* appointments being shifted back and hour.  I’m assuming this is due to some latency between the actual patching and running the calendar update tool, but this is ridiculous.  This wasn’t a fix, it was a dirty hack passed off as one!  When someone needs to go so far as to make a video tutorial of a fix being run so it makes sense, well, you know there’s something wrong with it.

  110. ninob says:


    It is expected that there are no logs created for users that were NOT ORGANIZERS of any meetings. The tools modify the appointments only for organizers, not all appointments across the boards.

  111. ML49448 says:

    I don’t see the version 2 download on MS. I only see the verision 1.

  112. abdul says:

    alrite…i did the rebase tool.  and it went ok…it found about half of the users…with the correct time zone. and then errors list didnt have the time zone..however if you know what they can just add it in..

    i was actually shocked as to how easy it was … it worked well..

    now did anyone run kb926666..that was a pain.. killed my BES…only half the users were getting mail on their handheld.. and it was not the ‘send as’ permissions being revoked.. took me the whole day to fix it.. we needed to create a new service account.

    and now it has killed some of shared to send from another mailbox…or open another users calendar… i thought i read this somewhere…but i dont remember..

    i say if you can hold off on doing this update.. i would.. kb926666.. stay away…  :)  ….sorry Exchange team..

  113. abdul says:

    thnx ninob….appreciate it.

  114. bacmallard says:

    Here is my DST cookbook and blog on error 0x80004005

    happy patching folks

  115. JaredCEG says:

    can i remove kb 926666…? because this patch has killed a lot of permissions for users to shared mailboxes and to other people’s calendars… or what is the fix for this?  thnx.

  116. MattT says:


    I’m having the EXACT same issue on 2 resource mbx’s.  Did you ever get a fix for this?


  117. Anastasia says:

    I have an issue, I ran the update on a PC that had not gotten the DST update, so all the appointments in the March 10 to April 1st range were moved one hour ahead. What’s the easiest route to fix those appointments? I am in Eastern Standard and my file is set to Eastern Time. I was thinking of updating the mailboxes_1 file with Central so it would force the changes to those dates or is there a better way??

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