Quick update on what we have learned from your online conferencing experience

This is our second follow-up regarding our surveys that we have asked you to fill out. To see the overview of the Community and Help Experience Survey, please go here.

We had a great turnout in the data collection. We want to thank all of you for helping distributing the survey to your end users or/and taking the time to provide your valuable feedback. We just can't wait to share what we have learned from you.

We are glad that we heard from a great representative pool of frequent online conferencing users. 55.4% of respondents use conferencing tools (e.g., Microsoft LiveMeeting, NetMeeting, WebEx, etc.) for communication at least once a week. The tools are primarily used for presentation and collaboration, which provides us insights that OWA + LiveMeeting integration should continue to provide robust user experience around these 2 activities.

We were also surprised to learn that a significant percentage of the respondents have had experience collaborating with people in different time zones and globally. 80% of respondents have used it to work with people in different time zones, and 65% have used it to work with people in different countries. This makes us aware that OWA + LiveMeeting integration should support good time zone solutions and be sensitive to cultural/language differences.

What you LIKE about your online meeting tools:

  • Sharing – share files, share whiteboard, share desktop apps, remote control
  • Collaboration - ability to switch from presenter to presenter, reviewing documents together
  • Works with Outlook
  • Doing it from home
  • Record for later viewing

What you would like to CHANGE in your online meeting tools:

  • Customize the view
  • Make it more intuitive to share applications
  • Scheduling of LiveMeeting is a pain
  • LiveMeeting needs better integration with SharePoint for collaboration

Thanks again for your help and participation. Your input will help shape our product designs to better meet users' needs. Surveying on the blog is such a great channel for us to hear from you. We hope you enjoyed the participation and will continue to post the brief surveys to gather your valuable feedback.  Please don't hesitate to let us hear your thoughts!

- Exchange User Experience Team

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  1. Asbjorn says:

    Nice summary of needs and wishes. I would like to calirfy a wish of scheduling:

    When scheduling a meeting accross time zones it is imperative that the working hours of each participant is available.

    It also would be nice if one could turn on and off a filtered view that only displayed the hours which was working hours for all attendees.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How to: Install Exchange 2007 Management Tools for Windows Vista Look out BlackBerry, Palm is back Moving

  3. Pissed says:

    You need to TELL PEOPLE explicitly how to determine legacyExchangeDN…I just wasted an hour on that.

  4. pissed@pissed says:

    thanks for wasting an hour and not telling the rest of us jackhole

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