Holiday spirit – PowerShell style!

In the display of true geekness, Satish Mathew and Marcel Ortiz have created a PowerShell script that will play Jingle Bells on your computer speaker.

No longer will your machines have to sit in silence! You can run this on any computer that has PowerShell installed.

I have attached the script to this blog post (see jingle.txt below). You can also see it in the blog post over on the PowerShell team blog.


- Nino Bilic

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  1. pesospesos says:

    Hi guys, I just read that Office 20007 ENTERPRISE is required for use with terminal services — pro and pro/plus will not install.  I am wondering two things — first, is Outlook 2007 going to be offered separately from Office anymore — second, if so, is it being offered as a "free" product together with exchange cals as has been the case in the past, and third, if it is available separately i assume it will install without issue on terminal services?  I have a number of clients who are open license SA customers, and who through SA had their office 2003 professional licenses automatically upgraded to 2007 office pro plus licenses, not enteprise – so they are frozen out of terminal server now…  and they are all citrix users…

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