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I am a lead technical writer for Exchange UE. Although our team writes the documentation for Outlook Web Access, Exchange ActiveSync, and Unified Messaging, I focus all my efforts on Unified Messaging. I started with Microsoft in March of 2005; so,  yes that does still make me a newbie. Before coming to Microsoft, I worked as a network engineer/consultant, a vendor for Microsoft, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.  I have completed several writing projects for MS Learning including books and lab manuals, and tech reviewed about a billion lines of text for other authors.  When I'm not thinking, dreaming, or writing about Unified Messaging, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters and visiting any river that contains fish in hopes of catching a really, really big steelhead on a fly rod.

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  1. Jay Chawla says:

    It’s a nice article.!!!

  2. Barend Bendorf says:

    We use Public folders to the max, we have diffenrent offices in different states. These offices do not have servers, just t1 lines and static live class C’s.  

    currently we use webaccess, but it does not meet the needs as outlook client. I used to add a LMHOST file tieh the Exchange Server 2003 Live Ip to resolve Servername. It worke fine and remote users could use outlook remotley. # serice packs agao Microsoft did somthing that dissabled this. Will

    exchange 2007 allow my remote users to use the outlook client again without a IAS server?

    Kind Regards,


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