TechNet Webcast: How Microsoft IT Designs Its 64-bit Exchange Server 2007 Infrastructure

Event Overview

How does a large enterprise plan and implement the migration of its existing 32-bit messaging system to the 64-bit platform? In this webcast, find out how Microsoft IT was able to take advantage of 64-bit architecture to fully deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in its production environment. Hear engineers from the Microsoft IT messaging team describe how they were able to overcome some of the toughest performance bottlenecks in the Microsoft messaging systems. Learn how the 64-bit platform was used in hardware planning for various Exchange Server 2007 roles in Microsoft IT. We also discuss 64-bit platform-specific considerations relating to mailbox server and storage design, Client Access Server and mobility scenarios, transport, and Internet mail.

Presenters: Konstantin Ryvkin, Group Manager, Microsoft IT, Microsoft Corporation, and Kyryl Perederiy, Sr. Systems Engineer, Microsoft IT, Microsoft Corporation

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- Nino Bilic

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