Jared (Ji-Chao) Zhang’s Bio

I'm Jared Zhang (??? in Chinese), a Program Manager on the System Management team in Exchange, where I contribute to the design of Exchange 2007 (E12) and the planning of the next generation of Exchange from a system management perspective. My focus is in the Admin area including Exchange management GUI and command line. I worked on various GUI features (recipient management, client access, etc) and wrote scripts and one-liners using PowerShell for Exchange 2007 management.


I joined Microsoft in 2005. Previously I was a developer at Sun Microsystems for 3 years. I worked on Java projects integrating APIs into JDK 6.0 and Solaris Common Desktop Environment sustained engineering. I spent a lot of time working with Java and Linux communities.


I'm located in Beijing, China and graduated from Tsinghua Univ. China with a M.S. degree in Computer Science in July 2002. My research interests included system architecture and high-performance computing (HPC) as a graduate student.

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  1. SrC says:

    Question:  is a disconnected mailbox the same as a disassociated mailbox?  Could you give me a definition of each?

  2. jared_zhang says:

    Sorry for a late response. Per the Exchange 2007 Help doc:

    "A disconnected mailbox is a mailbox that is not associated with an Active Directory directory service user account."



    By the definition, the "disassociated mailbox" means the same thing as disconnected mailbox. And we do not use the "disassociated mailbox" term in Exchange 2007.

  3. Anonymous says:

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  4. Anonymous says:

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