Surprise your users with an April Fool’s Day OWA 2003 Theme

I just posted instructions on how to create this OWA theme on my blog:

In addition to the cow look, it also has a moooooooooooo for a new mail sound, and a cowbell for the reminder.

Have fun!

- KC Lemson

Comments (8)
  1. Name says:

    I miss the Hello Kitty Theme.

  2. Now this was fun! Thanks KC!

  3. kclemson says:

    Name – me too! At least with this theme, we know that there are no potential legal issues with cows suing us. :-)

    – KC Lemson

  4. Bharat Suneja says:

    Another welcome addition… after the Xbox theme. :)

    Bharat Suneja

  5. EthanM says:

    Wouldn’t that be the Gateway theme? :-)

  6. JimF says:

    I can’t access the instructions on how to make it:-(.  Is it just me or do these themes tend to disappear?

  7. SanderR says:

    The link is dead for me too :(

  8. Exchange says:

    OK fixed the link now – sorry!

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