Jim Van Eaton’s Bio

I am currently the dev lead for Outlook Web Access (OWA) in the Exchange Team.  I've been working on OWA since it was called "The Exchange Web Client". 

Where did Jim come from? 

I grew up the son of a Chevy dealer in the great state of Washington in a small sawmill town down by Mt. St. Helens called Morton.  It's nestled in the foothills of the Cascades.  If you're ever in Morton then you must go get a Paul Bunyan Burger at Spiffy's Drive-In.  You'll either thank me or curse me.

I graduated with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Western Washington University in 1988.  

With a degree like that you're probably wondering how I became a software engineer.  It started with my junior year at Western I took classes in CAD/CAM and robotics and I was more interested in the implementation behind the software that controlled machines rather than the process of using the software.  After graduation I studied C programming and took several courses in software engineering at the University of Washington.   Developing software became my obsession so I then developed a plan for me to get into the industry and actually get paid for something I love to do.

I was hired on in 1994 into the Exchange team as a contractor to test a new form designer that shipped in Exchange 4.0.  With the experience I gained from this project I was a natural fit for this new product that was being developed for Exchange 5.0 that was called "The Exchange Web Client".  At this point I feel in love with building web applications and I have been in the relentless pursuit of building rich web applications that improve the user experience. 

Outside of work I enjoy doing family activities with my wife and kids.  Snowmobiling takes up most of our free time during the winter, while boating on Puget Sound and the many lakes in Washington keep us busy during the summer.

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    "The Exchange Web Client" was the first web email client produced by Microsoft.  It had an interesting…

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