See Exchange 2003 SP2 mobility features in action

Terry mentioned this in his post earlier this week, but I think this video is so cool that I want to call it out separately. This is from the SteveB keynote at Tech-Ed and shows off some of the kickass new mobility features in Exchange 2003 SP2, Direct Push and Remote Wipe. Plus it's even mildly amusing, always a plus :-)

300kb version
2mb version
5mb version

The team is having a great time reading all of the great press and blog posts about people's reactions to the SP2 announcements. Over the next few weeks you'll see more posts on here about SP2, and we'd love to hear what you think of what you read, so please let us know by leaving a comment.

- KC Lemson

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  1. Chris Grunden says:

    The Remote Wipe capability looks great–I just yesterday had a discussion with a customer who didn’t want to enable Server ActiveSync capabilities on his new E2K3 implementation because he was concerned about sensitive data sitting on very "loseable" devices, and was preferring instead to promote BlackBerry in his environment. With a growing number of devices supporting Server ActiveSync, the big question is, of course, what devices will be supported (including legacy devices, such as my Samsung I-700, or the Treo 650)?

  2. Adam Gates says:

    Late 2005 is pretty vague. Can we get an idea of the target for E23k sp2? Oct? Dec?

  3. kclemson says:

    Chris: We’re going to post in the next couple of weeks about device support, stay tuned.

    Adam: There’s no point in giving something more specific, because it might change and then we’d get criticized for "slipping". Do you want me to say "when it’s ready" instead? :-)

  4. Shane Hassell says:

    The tech person at Microsoft Exchange Support (that I have been working with on the stores limit with my Exchange had to do offline defrag) said that EXSP2 is scheduled to release Sept 05-ish, It will also address the 16 gig limit on the stores and create a limit of 75 to 85 gigs.

  5. Chris says:

    This seems like more of a ‘feature release’ rather than a service pack. So much for "no new features in Service Packs." This just shows the lengths of MS’s predatory polices. They don’t have any decent new ideas, so they go off after someone elses business. Frankly, it is time for a viable alternative to MS and Exchange…..

  6. jesse says:

    Does any know what phone was featured in the demo b/c it looked like something that would be great for me Company?

  7. Subash Sivanathan says:

    Can you please make the files available for download. Would appreciate your response.


  8. Fernando Martirez III says:

    Jesse: I think the phone used on the video was the HTC Universal.

    More info @

  9. Flaphead says:

    That is just excellent – can’t wait until it hits the streets – RIM/Blackberry watch out

  10. Anonymous says:

    This is just great, and an excellent demo of it working – in a real world situation.  RIM/ Blackberry…

  11. aurous says:

    Chris, would you rather Microsoft package these features as Exchange ’05 leaving those customers without SA in the cold? Microsoft gets (often legitimately) criticized for not being responsive to customer needs/requests but the Exchange team should be lauded for adding value to our existing infrastructures.

  12. Anonymous says:

    let’s see.. what’s been going on since TMM 98…  I went to O’Bannon Creek…

  13. Anonymous says:

    let’s see.. what’s been going on since TMM 98…  I went to O’Bannon Creek in Loveland on Wednesday…

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