Exchange blog suggestion box (10-6-2004)

Post suggestions for future topics here instead of posting off-topic comments. The suggestion box is emptied and read periodically, so don't be surprised if your suggestion vanishes. Posting a suggestion here is not a guarantee that we will write about it, but we will read it.

Please note: If you're looking for support for a problem you're having with Exchange right now, posting on the suggestion box is not the way to get an answer. Try looking here instead, or check out the many active Exchange newsgroups and mailing lists where you can get help from other Exchange administrators, developers, and MVPs.

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  1. Greg Lara says:

    Outlook’s auto-fill addressing feature remembers addresses when accessed from the Exchange Global Address List. However, when a mailbox moves to a new site, Outlook will not recognize this fact and will attempt to deliver to the previously known address. Is there any way to configure Outlook or Exchange to handle this differently?

    Thanks, Greg

  2. tom says:

    Gripe about Mail-box manager in 2003.

    Here is the scenario: we are moving to Unified Messaging, with voicemail being dumped into exchange mailboxes. The company policy is to delete everything from the inbox older than 30 days that is voice mail. Sounds like a job for Mailbox Manager. We just select Inbox, 30 days, no size, and then……wait what is this? We have to now enter the messages classes of everything we want to EXCLUDE from this filter.

    Who thought up this madness? Why not filter on what you want INCLUDED? Further, are wild cards supported in these class strings, or do we have to enter them all. Since we use a 3rd party solution for mail archiving, this could get real messy real quick. And, where is the documentation for this, anyway? After the usual google searches, and blog searching, I resort to calling PSS. Long story short…"we don’t know, but we will non-dec your call…"

    Alas, another typical day supporting Microsoft products.

  3. Tony Murray says:

    I would really like to see a new blog item on how the Outlook Client leverages NSPI to display Address Lists information. Here are some questions that I haven’t been able to find answers for:

    What AD information does NSPI use when retrieving Address List information? I assume showInAddressBook features, but I don’t know how.

    How does emsabp32.dll fit in with NSPI?

    How does Outlook manage to display the (online) Address Lists information so quickly? Presumably this is cached somewhere. Where?

    Why do Outlook clients not use LDAP directly? Performance issues?


  4. I would love to see a "Print printer friendly" button on the blogs page, that will only print the selected blog in a nice fashion.

    Currently, when you print a blog, it is formatted very badly.



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