Re-release of the post-sp3 exchange 2000 rollup

If you already downloaded this update, get it again - it was re-released to correct a problem with the original.

Update 6/1/2004:
The patch was re-released due to a memory leak in the original. The leak would happen in a scenario as follows: Any incoming mail which does not have an MTS ID (the equivalent of a Internet Message-ID) and is routed to the MTA or any other connector (groupwise, notes, etc) will cause a leak in the epoxy.dll shared memory address space. The exception is messages coming in via a straight SMTP connector, those will not cause the leak. Similarly, MAPI-submitted messages to the store will not cause the problem.

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  1. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Can you elaborate what errors were found ?

    I have not found any info neither on KB article neither download page on what has been corrected.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Ronny Ong says:

    The download is substantially larger, and it will not install without uninstalling the original release first. This makes me nervous. Benjamin and I are not going to be the first ones to want to know more.

  3. Benjamin Mateos says:

    Thanks for the update on what has been fixed ;-)

    I think the new re-release is worth the re-aply, don’t you think so, Ronny ?

    Have a nice day.


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