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Hello!  I am an Exchange Escalation Engineer in Charlotte, NC.  We handle critical escalations from product support for Exchange issues.  Basically, the buck stops here – either we fix it, or if it is a bug we debug it and work with the Exchange Sustained Engineering group to create a Hotfix.  It’s a fun group of folks, all with their own niches, yet we all seem to work together to fix about anything, at any time of day.   Before that I was a beta engineer for Exchange 2000, helping our early adopter customers deploy pre-RTM.  My main specialty is Active Directory Connector (see the ADC whitepaper on and other directory related topics, although I dabble in all things admin (setup, store, performance).  I’ve been called the “grooviest” EE as you probably won’t guess what my hair color will be this week, and I try to handle everything with a sense of humor.  It’s been about 5 years now since joining Microsoft and I love every minute.

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  1. Samir Jivani says:

    hi graham, i followed your advise and did the what you suggested in replicating a pure exchange 2003 site to exchange 5.5 and it works great but there is one slight problem. Everytime I delete a mailbox from the pure exchange 2000 site it does not replicate this change in ex 5.5, instead it rolls back the deletion and create the mailbox again with a duplicate mailbox in ex 5.5. Therefore i am getting accounts with duplicate mailboxes in ex 5.5. I cant delete these mailboxes as they are create in the pure ag group.

    The ADC logs an error 8139

    The target object ‘cn=avms,cn=Recipients,ou=SYDNEY,o=AAR’ was modified after the source object ‘CN=Martignoni, Andrea,OU=AAHUsers,DC=aah1,DC=aar,DC=com,DC=au’ Consequently, the following set of updates will not be applied to the target object. If this warning persists, make sure that the time is correctly set on both the source and target servers.

    dn: cn=avms,cn=Recipients,ou=SYDNEY,o=AAR

    changetype: modify


    (Connection Agreement ‘AAR to AAH1 (SHAEXCVS1)’ #4944)

    For more information, click

    Have you experienced this problem? I cant seem to get around this at all.

    Any help much appreciated



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