Dave Whitney’s Bio

A brief history of me:

  • I started at MS 2/12/1991.
  • I was hired into the team that eventually became the Exchange team, working on nuts and bolts within Microsoft Mail 3.0
  • After that shipped, I started work on MS Mail 4.0 for Win16 and Macintosh, which would be a client for the forthcoming Exchange server, using that new and mysterious MAPI. The project was cancelled in favor of back-porting the burgeoning Exchange for Win95 client to those platforms.
  • I switched to Schedule+ 2.0, which subsequently was renumbered to v7.0. That shipped as a sole product, a component of Office 95, and as a component of Exchange Server 4.0. To this day, Schedule+ remains the product to undergo the largest version number jump from the previously shipping version.
  • I then left the Exchange team at the end of 1996 to work in the Mobile Devices team, where I created Pocket Powerpoint, worked on Pocket Inbox, and then Activesync 3.0.
  • I returned to the Exchange team at the beginning of 2000, where I worked on the administrative tool, concentrating mostly on reengineering the Message Tracking Center.
  • In early 2002, I moved to the storage team, where I was drowned in the public folder replication engine. My first task (after being on the team for 2 hours) was “Dave, there’s a big problem at a customer and they are in pain. Fix it.” YIKES! I got the customer straightened out and my research along the way lead to many design changes in how the replication engine works in Exchange 2003.
  • Most recently, I designed the server-side changes to implement the new anti-spam features of Exchange 2003. This gave me a quick education on how our rules engine works.

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