Danut Moraru’s Bio

    I am originally from Romania. I was supposed to become a surgeon, but when I was close to apply to the medical school, I put my hands on a Sinclair Spectrum Z80 just to play ... then build my own computer from scratch ...then wrote more serious programs. The change in carrier was inevitable, to my parents' disappointment.

    While studying CS, I've been a Linux administrator (in 1994, the industry didn't hear about this OS yet) and member in the first team to bring Internet to our school and city with no budget at all, improvising routers from recycled computers and experimenting with all kind of wireless equipment not designed to route IP packets.

    I've been a Teaching Assistant at Technical University of Iasi, teaching Parallel and Distributed Computing. My Master's thesis was in Image Processing using Neural Networks.

    In 1996, I've moved to United States, at the same time trading my academic background for a much better paid industry job at Microsoft.

I've been working since then in the Exchange team as a Software Design Engineer in Test, first in the MAPI team, then in the Store. I helped ship Exchange 5.0, Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 and all the service packs between them.

    I've designed the automated tools and tests that help find the bugs during development, fine tune performance and validate that our product is ready to ship. My areas of expertise are MAPI, Rules, Anti-spam, Virus Scanning, Cross-posting and Cached mailbox (OST).

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