Bryan Atwood (Batwoo)’s Bio

My name is Bryan Atwood and I am a tester on the Exchange product team.  Everyone here calls me batwoo—it’s what my account alias ended up being when you cram Bryan and Atwood together with only 6 characters.  There could be worse nicknames.  I’ve been testing Exchange for 6 years now and have experience with Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003.  Except for a short stint testing our Migration Wizard, I’ve spent all of my time on Setup.  Setup really is a whole lot more than setup.  Sure, part of our job is to just get the product setup—you wouldn’t have an Exchange server if it wasn’t for setup.  There is so much to setting up an Exchange organization and we do it all.  Our setup team is responsible for Forestprep, Domainprep, Upgrades, Uninstall, Add/Remove, RemoveOrg, Disaster Recovery, Clustering, Unattended, Service Pack updates, and a large chunk of the Exchange Permissions Model.  With all of the different areas setup is involved in, as a setup tester you really become a jack of all trades.

When I’m not at work I like baseball (Go Mariners and Red Sox!!! Boo Yankees!!!), woodworking, and marine fishkeeping.  Before coming to Microsoft I was attending and working for University of Alaska FairbanksSeattle weather is a marginal improvement over Alaska, although sometimes I think I would prefer -40 to constant rain.

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