Ade Famoti’s Bio

I'm a  problem control engineer on the PSS Escalation Services team. My team is the primary escalation point for the most critical technical situations for Exchange. If a very complex transport issue is encountered, its my job to lay hands and pray on it.


I joined Microsoft pretty much after I was allowed to graduate. I graduated from Morgan State University with a computer information science degree and I'm also a product of the Harvard Business School SVMP.  While in college I worked for Lockheed Martin on a very cool project and encryption/IPSEC for Corning Inc. as an intern. 


The most I knew about messaging before Microsoft was my pine client connecting to the sendmail daemon on a Compaq TRU64 UNIX while in college. Now I evangelize the Exchange Transport and SMTP protocol in Exchange. If you've read the "Configuring SMTP whitepaper in Exchange 2000" whitepaper or "Exchange Server 2003 Transport and Routing Guide" then you've read some of the work I've been part of.  I hope to work on the Exchange transport component team as a SDE someday.

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