KC Lemson’s Biography

As of January 2007, I'm the User Experience Manager for Exchange, which means I'm in charge of the design and usability teams. In my 7 years in Exchange I've also done the following:

  • Lead PM for customer programs such as our Technology Adoption Program (formerly known as JDP (joint development program)), where customers test and run Exchange in production before we release to help find bugs and verify the quality.
  • Release manager, responsible for the team schedule, cross-product issues and keeping 400+ people on track
  • Communities Program Manager, during which I started this blog
  • Outlook Web Access Program Manager, where I designed many of the features in OWA 2000 SP1/SP2 and Exchange 2003.

Previous to Exchange, I was a tester in the Outlook team for a few years where I worked on internet protocols, attachments, and other e-mail related features. Before coming to work at Microsoft, I was a linux/BSDI sysadmin in college.

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