DPM 2012 : Enhancements to Hyper-V Protection

Data Protection Manager for System Center 2012 provides significant performance improvement for backup and more flexibility in recovery for Hyper-V deployments. Hyper-V Express Full Backup: DPM 2012 has made significant improvement in Stand Alone Hyper-V backup performance by extending the Change Block Tracking for the Hyper-v on a standalone installation workload.  With Change Block Tracking,… Read more

Potential VM protection name confusion

Lets say you create virtual machine protection and current conditions allow “Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot\<VM>” or in short; ‘online’ protection. Then you change the VM configuration and introduce one of the conditions that prohibit online protection (see below and  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff399205.aspx).  At this point online  protection (as the data source name suggests) will no longer… Read more

Protect, Unprotect, Protect, Unprotect – Understanding how DPM 2010 retention works

UPDATE 11/20/2013: The script below has been updated to work with all current versions of DPM 2012. ===== With special thanks to Fahd Kamal for the backgrounder content. Imagine that you are experimenting with DPM 2010.  You protect some data, and then you remove that protection group.  Then, showing DPM to one of your friends,… Read more

Tested hardware VSS provider table

System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 tested hardware VSS provider for backup of Virtual machines deployed on Clustered Shared Volumes The table below contains the list of VSS hardware provider tested to be compatible with DPM for protecting virtual machines deployed on clustered shared volumes (CSV). The fact that a VSS hardware provider for a… Read more

New Whitepaper – How to protect Hyper-V with DPM 2010

      Over the next several weeks, we are pre-releasing several whitepapers around DPM 2010’s Release Candidate. The first WP to be released is about how to protect Microsoft Virtualization environments – including Hyper-V R2, Hyper-V and Virtual Server 2005 R2 sp1.  DPM 2010 is a key part of the Microsoft Virtualization story, as the backup… Read more

Hyper-V Protection with DPM 2010 Beta – How to automatically protect new Virtual Machines

We had a great question come into the DPM Newsgroup recently. How do I automatically protect new VMs added to a Hyper-V host using DPM? In any virtualized environment, adding new VMs is a frequent operation. While backup administrators can protect an entire Hyper-V host using the DPM Management Console, the protection group had to… Read more

DPM 2010 Beta is available now

The Data Protection Manager (DPM) team at Microsoft is happy to announce the arrival of Data Protection Manager 2010 Beta.  I am Anand Kamat, Group Product Manager for the DPM development team, and since shipping DPM 2007 SP1 in Jan 2009, we have been on an amazing journey to get this feature packed release out… Read more

Customer Blog Post on DPM 2007 SP1 — ICON

Hi, I’m Dan Taylor, a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to IT for ICON. At my previous employer, I implemented a small VMware infrastructure and learned the value of virtualization quickly. When I came to ICON, they had a small VM deployment with Virtual Server 2005 and instead of trying to push VMware on them, I… Read more

Service Pack 1 for DPM 2007 is now available

The DPM team is very excited to announce the release of Service Pack 1 for DPM 2007.     What is new in Service Pack 1 http://www.microsoft.com/SystemCenter/DataProtectionManager/en/us/WHATs-NEW.aspx                          DPM 2007 SP1 x86     http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=125991 DPM 2007 SP1 x64    http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=125992     SP1 videos on TechNet Edge http://edge.technet.com/tags/DPM     Upcoming Webcast on SP1 on January 8,… Read more

DPM 2007 Rollup Update — NOW AVAILABLE

We are very excited to announce that the ‘Rollup Update’ for System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 is now available. There are new workloads to be protected, as well as new features in this update, including: Windows Server 2008 support Run DPM2007 Server on a Windows Server 2008 platform Protect Windows Server 2008 – including… Read more