DPM 2007 licensing details — a new video

Abridged blog Cross-Post – original at blogs.technet.com/JBUFF   DPM 2007 has a really simple licensing model: DPM Server – for the back-end platform(s) Standard DPML – for file protection Enterprise DPML – for file and application platform There aren’t any Open File managers, library agents, etc. You don’t have to buy # Exchange Agents, #… Read more

Announcing DPM 2006 Service Pack 1 Release to Web

Building on the focus of Data Protection Manager 2006 for disk-to-disk protection of file servers, Service Pack 1 (SP1) broadens the protection capabilities with support for protecting file server clusters, support for SIS (single-instance storage) enabled servers and support for X64 Windows servers. For more details…   • Read What’s New in Service Pack 1… Read more

DPM v1 wins award!

DPM wins the 2006 Network Storage Conference Annual STOR(SM) Award in the Data Protection category. – Balaji Hariharan… Read more

DPM MOM Pack Users

If you would like to give us feedback about the DPM v1 MOM pack, now is the time. We need your help in filling up a questionnaire which includes giving feedback about existing MOM pack and adding suggestions on new features. Of course you have the option of beta testing the new pack as well. As you know,… Read more

Protecting Apps using DPM 2006

Data Protection Manager 2006 aka DPM V1 primarily caters to the file server protection market. But a lot of servers out there are application servers. So if you bought DPM V1, how do you ensure protection of your application servers?   DPM has a file system filter sitting on the IO stack of the protected… Read more

Test DPM v1 SP1 Beta…

Among the exsiting DPM V1 customers we are looking for customers who want to participate in our beta for Service Pack 1.   SP1 enables: protection of 64 bit production servers protection of production servers with Single Instance Store (SIS) enabled allows for protection of clustered production servers and has a roll up of all… Read more