Why is recovery point consumption smaller than transferred data?

There are people that understand and monitor what’s happening in their environment, I’m sure you are one of those and may observe strange looking statistics. On the 10.000ft level and a per job basis, not all data that gets transferred is also stored!? Are we losing information? No, of course not! DPM is a CDP… Read more

DPM 2010: Helping you meet SLAs with less effort

  Better backups with DPM – the story so far… DPM has consistently aimed at making your backups more reliable. The transition from tape to disk as a medium for storing backups provided the first impetus to improved reliability of backups, and was delivered with DPM 2006, our first release. It also brought about novel… Read more

TechNet CHAT live today – DPM Engineering talks about the updates to DPM 2007

DPM Engineering talks about the updates to DPM 2007 As part of equipping you around the new features provided in the Q2 rollup update for DPM 2007, the product team will be hosting a live chat session where you can ask your questions related to DPM 2007, the rollup, the upcoming SP1, or even provide… Read more

DPM 2007 — Calculating Disk Allocation

When you create a new Protection Group using the “Create Protection Group” wizard, DPM internally computes and allocates volumes for storing the replica and the shadow copies. This blog post enumerates the various formulae that we use internally to generate the default size.   File system datasource SC size = (dataSourceSize * recoveryRangeInDays * 2)… Read more

DPM 2007 Launch Week – get the daily details

Hey DPM community… If you want to get all of the exciting details on our launch event at Microsoft Tech-Ed IT Forum in Barcelona – check out my blog with daily updates DPM is here, it’s here, it’s finally here … to find out how its debut is coming, go to http://blogs.technet.com/jbuff… Read more

DPM v2 Beta2 – Docs and Support

Important docs: You may download the following important Beta 2 documents from Connect downloads (https://connect.microsoft.com/Downloads/DownloadDetails.aspx?SiteID=205&DownloadID=6599): ·         Getting Started Guide ·         Planning Guide ·         Operations Guide ·         Upgrade Guide ·         System Requirements ·         Deployment Guide ·         Known Issues/Release Notes ·         Troubleshooting Guide   Please also check out our beta FAQ · Our beta FAQ can be… Read more

Usability Studies

Jeanie Decker and Deb Lewy recently sat in on usability testing for DPM v.2 screens. Why do writers care about usability? Because the easier the UI is to navigate, the easier it is to explain in the documentation. Our goal is to work with the product team to ensure that the UI design and UI… Read more