Pranay Prabhakari’s Bio

Hello. I’m Pranay Prabhakar and I work as a Program Manager in the DPM team at the Microsoft India Development Centre at Hyderabad. I have been with Microsoft for about a year. I am currently working on DPM 2010, I also handle ongoing enhancements for DPM 2007 tape feature…. Read more

Krishna Mangipudi’s Bio

I’m a Program Manager for Data Protection Manager team, based out of India Development Center at Hyderabad. I manage Exchange Server Protection and Scalability for  DPM. … Read more

Known Issues and recommended solutions on Secondary Protection (Disaster Recovery)

1.       We have seen issues under Secondary DPM server when production server node is expanded in DPM UI, you do not see any datasources enumerated. As a result of this, you cannot add secondary protection for any of the datasources of that production server. This could happen due to one of the following reasons a.      … Read more

Enabling/Disabling co-location of data on Tape

With DPM 2007 Feature Pack  (KB949779), we have added support for media co-location. With this feature, you can achieve better tape utilization by co-locating data from multiple protection groups with similar retention range. This feature is disabled by default. You can use following PowerShell commands to enable and disable tape co-location.   Enable Tape co-location:… Read more

DPM CLI Tips ‘n Tricks: Powershell Basics – Part II

Tab Completion The most fascinating part of DPM Management Shell is Tab Completion of cmdlets. By learning the common verbs in Powershell (like Get, Set, Start etc.), a Windows or an Exchange admin can easily use that knowledge and learn the DPM cmdlets. This is because the same verbs are used in DPM Management Shell… Read more

DPM CLI: Quick reference help

While using the DPM Management Shell, one would like to have a list of all cmdlets and its short help for quick reference. Also, we heard it would be useful to group the various cmdlets by the function they do – e.g. Library, Disk, Recovery or Protection related etc. Keeping this in mind, we have… Read more

Solving common DPM agent installation issues

This post is a summary of the most common support cases that we have been hearing so far in the area of DPM Protection Agent installation on a target server. We capture the following here in the excel sheet attached – common issues, why they fail, and the quick resolution steps to get past these… Read more