DPM 2012 : Scoped Troubleshooting using Central Console

Here is a scenario : “DPM Backups have failed because the SQL Server refused connection. The SLA has been missed thrice already in this week. The operator re-runs the backup the next day outside the backup window and it succeeds. Someone needs to answer why the failures are happening and what can be done to… Read more

Learn how Microsoft IT uses Data Protection Manager 2010 to provide state of the art services and save millions

We recently published some great case studies demonstrating how Microsoft IT uses System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 to provide state of the art backup and restore services while at the same time savings millions of dollars every year.  If you’re looking to do the same in your organization then this you’ll definitely want to… Read more

Using System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 to perform a host level backup fails with error 0x8007173D

Here’s a new DPM 2010 KB article we published this morning.  If you see an issue where some recovery point jobs fail intermittently when performing a host level backup of guests located on a CSV in Windows 2008 Hyper-V Cluster then this one’s for you: ===== Symptoms When using System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM)… Read more

DPM 2012 – Centralized Management : Role Based Access Control

Most enterprises have a centralized team which amongst other responsibilities also handles running of the backup service in their organization. It is a considerable challenge to effectively delegate work to the various support teams while retaining control over the DPM environment. With DPM 2012, you can effectively model your existing team structure into one of… Read more

DPM 2012 – Certificate Based Protection

  DPM 2012 provides the capability to protect Workgroup computers and computers in untrusted domains using Certificates for the purpose of authentication. If you are already using DPM 2010, you have the ability to protect machines without trust by using NTLM based authentication and local accounts. While this worked, you gave us feedback that you… Read more

DPM 2012 – Centralized Management : Introducing the Central Console UI

When we started work on Centralized Management, it became very apparent that we need a UI that not only presents a summary of the entire DPM environment, but also Enables customers to work on more important issues first – like working on alerts affecting backups of multiple backup items Enables different teams in a backup… Read more

DPM 2012 – Centralized Management : Value Prop

It’s all about reducing management costs. We not only wanted to provide a Central Console which effectively aggregates status across of your DPM Servers, but can make your every day tasks of managing the backup environment seamless thereby reducing your management costs significantly. This video recording (DPM 2012 – Centralized Management : Value Prop) will… Read more

System Center Data Protection Manager 2012 Beta – Now Available!

We are very excited to announce the release of DPM 2012 Beta. Some of the big enhancements include: Centralized Management of DPM Servers (built on top of System Center Operations Manager ) A Central Console from which you can monitor and manage all the backup servers in your datacenter. Need it today for the DPM… Read more

Resolving slow performance issues after installation of the DPM client

Hi Marc Reynolds here.  I have seen some issues lately where users of System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) protected clients have experienced slow performance on their clients after installing the DPM client. There have been two scenarios reported: 1. When booting up a DPM protected client the system is unresponsive for several minutes. 2…. Read more

NOW LIVE: The Microsoft TechNet Gallery

As many of you probably already know, for a long time the Script Repository (a special-purpose gallery) has been an engine of great content and community engagement on TechNet.  Well starting last week it was upgraded significantly and launched as the new TechNet Gallery, supporting not only just scripts but many other technical resources for… Read more