How to Troubleshoot Tape Library Sharing Configuration Issues in DPM 2010

Hello, Chuck Whitson here from the Data Protection Manager Team here in Texas. Lately, we’ve had several customers run into issues with sharing their tape library between multiple DPM servers so I’ve put together some of the things that have been known to interfere with configuring tape library sharing as well as a couple other… Read more

Troubleshooting: DPM volumes are flagged as missing and VolSnap logs event ID 86

Hi everyone, Marc Reynolds here. I have seen some issues recently where DPM volumes are flagged as “missing” in the DPM console so I wanted to take a minute and show you an easy way to fix this. Symptoms In System Center Data Protection Manager, DPM volumes are showing as missing. In the DPM admin… Read more

Troubleshooting Hyper-V protection failures due to networking problems

There are many failures that can happen when protecting Hyper-V hosts and CSV’s that are a result of the Cluster network configuration not being optimized for redirected mode communication. In most cases these problems will only happen under a heavy load, and when it happens we can lose access to the storage that houses the… Read more