New Windows AutoPilot Resources

Back in November at the Microsoft Tech Summit in Sydney I had the pleasure of delivering a session on Modern Management, including Windows AutoPilot, with Michael Niehaus in attendance. I had to be careful not too steal too much of his content, as his AutoPilot session immediately followed mine. Over the last couple of weeks he has posted some great content on deploying and troubleshooting Windows AutoPilot, so I thought I would make sure I help to promote it.

Gathering Windows AutoPilot hardware details from existing machines - this post has the details on how to harvest the hardware details from devices your organisation already has.

Troubleshooting Windows AutoPilot (level 100/200) - where to start when you don't see what you are expecting with the AutoPilot experience.

Troubleshooting Windows AutoPilot (level 300/400) - how to start using Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) to assist with troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Windows AutoPilot: Sample ETW Traces - working with some sample AutoPilot traces to help with troublehooting.

Windows AutoPilot Azure AD Branding - This gives the details on some of the things I normally do when demonstrating AutoPilot - ensuring that there is some branding that highlights to the user that the organisation is aware of the device.

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