Modern Management for Windows 10 Pro

During last quarter's OEM roadshow, the final session of the day focused on Windows 10 Pro devices. It included some demonstrations of Windows 10 Pro being managed via Microsoft Intune as an MDM solution versus traditional management via Group Policy.  Over the coming months in the lead up to the Creator's Update launch this will be a topic that will be covered in much more detail.

This first post is providing some links to additional material, before getting a bit more specific on some of the scenarios you should be looking at for future engagements. The most important thing for now that I try to get people to understand is that moving from Group Policy to MDM based management of Windows PCs is not a rip and replace strategy, it's usually a long term co-existence, using the management approach that's most suitable for the task at hand.

Here are a few links to get you started, including an overview video.

Microsoft Intune: Windows 10 Modern Management In The Azure Portal

Manage Windows 10 in your organization - transitioning to modern management

Modern management for Windows 10



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