Breaking Into Windows Server 2019: Network Features: Security with Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Hello, and a happy Wednesday to our outstanding readers! Brandon Wilson here with a pointer to some more of the new networking features in Windows Server 2019 coming to you straight from the Windows Core Networking team!

In this week’s posting, the discussion surrounds software defined networking (SDN) security. Here is an excerpt straight from the product group:

Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019: #4 Security with SDN

Excerpt: In this modern era of cloud computing, more and more customers are looking to move their workloads to public, private or hybrid clouds. Security is one of their main inhibitors in moving to cloud. How secure are their workloads in the cloud? Is their data safe from theft and tampering? Windows Server 2019 SDN delivers new SDN security features to increase customer confidence whether running workloads on-premises or as a service provider in the cloud.

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Brandon Wilson