Breaking Into Windows Server 2019: Network Features: High Performance SDN Gateways

Another happy Wednesday to all of our great readers! Brandon Wilson here again to give you another pointer to some more information from the Windows Core Networking team on the Top 10 networking features in Windows Server 2019. This time around, they are once again covering some of the new Software Defined Networking (SDN) capabilities in Windows Server 2019, however this time, they are touching on SDN gateways. Here is some initial information straight from the product group:

“This week, the Windows Core Networking team continues their Top 10 Networking features in Windows Server 2019 blog series with: #6 – High Performance SDN Gateways

Each blog contains a “Try it out” section so be sure to grab the latest Insider’s build and give them some feedback!  Don’t forget to check out all the features in the Top 10!

Here’s an Excerpt:

Last we announced vast improvements to the management and deployment experience for SDN including Windows Admin Center interfaces!  This week we’re excited to announce SDN performance improvements in hybrid connectivity scenarios!

Organizations today deploy their applications across multiple clouds including on-premises private clouds, service provider clouds, and public clouds such as Azure. In such scenarios, enabling secure, high-performance connectivity across workloads in different clouds is essential. Windows Server 2019 brings huge SDN gateway performance improvements for these hybrid connectivity scenarios, with network throughput multiplying by up to 6x!!!

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Brandon Wilson