Tick Tock, Time to Catch Up: What’s New with Windows Time in Windows Server 2019



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Stay a while and….oh wait wrong place. Welcome! My name is Tim Medina, Senior PFE with Microsoft and today we are going to look at what’s new with Windows Time for Server 2019 (part 1 of a 3 part series). As with everything, time has marched on and we are looking forward with the way we provide to time services to your environments. We did release some information on what’s to come here.

So, building on the introduction of highly accurate time, we have implemented this to use the same configuration and gotten some of that space down to the 1s, 50s, and 1ms accuracy. This has a high impact on time sensitive businesses and requirements. It should also be noted that it may extend to normal operations and keeping control of ticket lifetimes to the millisecond can further control of organizations identities.

As with previous releases, the configuration can be controlled via the registry, time commands, and Group Policy. The extensions have been made for the configuration of highly accurate time in the registry as well. Also note there are some requirements and restrictions.

We have also worked inside the service controls to reduce the possible impact of using the SpecialPollInterval to work in conjunction with high accuracy requirements. This should move the flag controls as well to a more uniform usage.

All and all we are continuing the work we started in Server 2016 and moving things forward from there. Next blog we will be doing a dive into the configuration paths outlined above. Then to wrap things up we will look into the deeper functions and flows inside the service. So as the bell tolls, we will see you next time.


For some extra information, you can also take a look at the product group’s post on this topic over at https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/networking/2018/07/18/top10-ws2019-hatime/!