Mailbag – Holiday 2015 Edition

Season’s Greetings from the AskPFEPlat PFEs!

A solid Mailbag today with items from Paul Bergson, Rick Bergman, Matthew Walker, Mike Kline and Mike Hildebrand. Also an AskPFEPlat alum – Mark Morowczynski – has started making Permanent Waves over in Azure AD land (did you catch the Rush reference I snuck in there? J)

Let’s roll…

First up, Paul B. brought this one to our attention and thought our readers would find this a welcome addition to our in-box NIC teaming:


Next, Rick Bergman offered up a reminder about the “Taste of Premier” video series and called-out the most recent video where Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and GM of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Julia White discuss and demo cyber and operational security in the mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Future Post Teaser: Jessica Payne has a video out there, too, about our local admin password management tools and very soon, she will have a blog on our site to compliment the video:


Matthew Walker, one of our resident Hyper-V gurus sent over a post from Jake Oshins …

Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V will be supporting pass-through to more PCIE devices:


Mike Kline had a couple of GREAT points and an oldie but goodie about on-prem AD:


Finally, Hilde here with a few nuggets: