Some Other PFE Blogs You’ll Want To Be Reading

Hey y’all, Mark here with some quick links for you. We have two other PFE team blogs that have been getting some steam as of late we thought we’d pass along so our fine readership can check them out and spread the word.

A bunch of SQL folks have started to bring an old blog back from the dead. You can find their blog here. Their latest post, SQL 2012 System Health Reporting Dashboard is the type of great content they are putting out. They are always looking for community feedback so send in your questions or if SQL is not your thing, don’t worry its not mine either, pass it on to your favorite DBA. They can owe you one.

Also if you are running Dynamics CRM you should be reading our PFE CRM in the Field blog. If you weren’t before…you’re welcome. Several of them just got back from the Dynamics Convergence conference where they get to mingle with their community which they are highly active in. Reach out to them and tell them we sent you.

As always send us in your questions via email or if you dare to Doug ‘Grandpa Simpson’ Symalla has just discovered in his own words “this new thing called twitter” and is manning our @PFEPlatforms account. He’s in the process of changing the profile picture. You’ve been warned. I too can also be found on twitter @markmorow don’t be shy. Have a good weekend and as always we’ll have a new post up for Monday. It’s a good one. 


Mark “SQL DROP TABLE Joke Here” Morowczynski