The Most Popular Posts of 2012

Hey y’all, Mark here again. Another year has come to an end, the Mayans were wrong and we started to look back on what our most popular post of the last year were. For you long time readers (AD MVP Mike Kline, our very first comment) this will be a trip down memory lane. For any of our new readers, you can now get a quick “Year 2012” mix tape, remember those! Those were sort of like playlist for your walkmen which used these things called cassettes ….never mind. Like a good mix make sure you pass this on to a friend.

10.) Want Remote PowerShell Management from your browser? See how PowerShell Web Access in Windows Server 2012 may help…
9.) Slow Boot Slow Logon (SBSL), A Tool Called XPerf and Links You Need To Read
8.) MCM: Core Active Directory Internals
7.) How to Implement the Central Store for Group Policy Admin Templates, Completely (Hint: Remove Those .ADM files!)
6.) HYPER-V 2008 R2 SP1 Best Practices (In Easy Checklist Form)
5.) How to become a Premier Field Engineer (PFE)
4.) Virtual Domain Controller Cloning in Windows Server 2012
3.) Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces: Is it for you? Could be…
2.) Introducing the first Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller (Part 1 of 2)
1.) Did Your Active Directory Domain Time Just Jump To The Year 2000? / Fixing When Your Domain Traveled Back In Time, the Great System Time Rollback to the Year 2000

Our 5th most popular blog was actually a reader topic request so if you have a question you’d love to get to bottom of you probably are not the only one. Let us know either in the comments, the Contact button at the top of the page or tweet about AskPFEPlat. We will do our best to get back to you.

Is your favorite post not listed above, let us know in the comments and why you loved it.

Mark “use a pencil to rewind it if you need to” Morowczynski