PFE Live Chat – One Down, More to Follow

First, let me thank everyone who participated in our PFE Live Chat on Monday 26 November.  It was a great opportunity to talk about technology and its impact in real-world cases, for real-world customers.  For those of you who missed the opportunity, let me re-cap some of the topics:


Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces

It turns out that a number of customers are looking at use cases for Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces.  If you have no idea what Storage Spaces are, take a look at this blog from Martin Lucas.  It does a great job of describing the feature.  Watch for future blogs on interesting use cases.

SMB 3.0

We discussed SMB 3.0 and other file sharing goodness in Windows Server 2012.  There’s a lot of questions on what SMB 3.0 can and cannot do. There were also some questions on leveraging SMB 3.0 with existing file sharing technologies like DFS. 

Windows Server 2012 NIC Teaming

We spent some time covering the NIC Teaming capabilities in Windows Server 2012.  There was some discussion on how/when customers could leverage these features.  Another good idea for a blog topic.


One of the reasons we love Windows 8 is it’s capability to do Hyper-V.  This lead to an interesting conversation on the capabilities of Windows 8 Hyper-V versus Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V including the awesome new features of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V, including Live Migrations and Hyper-V replicas.

Central Certificate Store (CCS)

CCS falls into the category of one of those features in Windows Server 2012 that many of us never knew existed.  CCS allows certificates to be stored on a file share, so servers/services can dynamically update their certificates, on demand.

How about Some More Info?

Hopefully, we provided some answers, however, we definitely raised some interesting questions.  Rather than provide you with a long list of hyper links for each of these topics (you do know how to search, don’t you?),  we thought we could be of more value by providing you future blogs on some of these topics, so keep following us for more information.  Remember, you can always contact us with more questions by:

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