Basic Printing Architecture

Printer sharing, information retrieval, and data storage are among the most frequently used network services.  This also means that when something major happens to a print server or file server – lots of people are adversely affected.  Issues with Print Servers and the Print Spooler are very common issues for the Performance team.  So today,… Read more

WMI Architecture Basics

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is one of those technologies that tends to intimidate administrators who are unfamiliar with it.  On the Performance team, we handle basic WMI issues – mainly relating to basic WMI functionality and permissions.  So today, we’re going to go over the WMI Basics.  We’re not really going to get into how to write WMI… Read more

COM and DCOM for Administrators

So today we’re going to cover the basics of COM and DCOM.  The key word here is basic – if you need to get into a depth discussion about how your custom components are working (or not working in some cases!) and your code, then you should be working with Developer Support rather than Platforms Support. … Read more

SQL and the Working Set

Here’s an issue we’ve been seeing more and more of on the Performance team lately concerning SQL 2005 and Memory Management.  The issue gets reported as: “Windows Memory Management is trimming the SQL Working Set.”  When you review the event logs, you’ll see lots of Event ID 17890 messages: A significant part of SQL server process memory… Read more

Windows Architecture – Registry 101

When I first started in the IT industry (back in the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 days), one of my team leads told me at least once every other day, “If you ever decide to start editing the registry directly, you’d better be sure you know what you’re doing.”  That may have been one of the most valuable… Read more

Windows Architecture – The Basics

Today we’re starting a new series of posts focused on understanding the Windows System Architecture itself.  In our first post, we’re going to quickly review some basic Windows concepts and terms including a brief overview of the Windows API, Services and the difference between a Process and a Thread.  Think of this as laying the groundwork for our future posts which… Read more