Network Stored PST files … don’t do it!

At least once a week, someone on the Performance team will get a customer call concerning hangs or resource depletion on their file server.  The file server in question is used for user home folder storage and users are accessing Outlook Personal Storage (.pst) files stored on the server from their client.  The issue will manifest… Read more

Blocking Internet Explorer 7 Installations

  One of the more common questions IT Admins and Managers ask us when they call in is “How do we prevent IE7 from installing on our client machines?”  Although it seems like a fairly straightforward question there are several scenarios to consider: Scenario 1: If a user gets the update from Windows Update through an Automatic… Read more

Preparing to Troubleshoot – Part One

A very common question that we are asked is, “What kind of data can I gather before I talk to a Support Engineer at Microsoft?”  In all honesty, there is no single right answer – especially where the Performance team is concerned!  It all depends on the issue.  However, that’s not to say that you… Read more