APP: Windows Error Reporting (Windows Vista +)

APP: Windows Error Reporting (Vista+)

Scoping the Issue: 

· What is the issue with WER?

· Is WER enabled/disabled?

· Is WER being controlled via GPO?

· Is WER being controlled via Agentless Exception Monitoring(AEM) or Desktop Error Monitoring(DEM)?

· Are dumps being created?

· Is the WER Information being sent properly?

Data Gathering: 

· Collect MSDT/MPS Reports.

· Collect Procmon Logs.

· Save Corresponding GPO to HTM file using GPMC (Group Policy Management Console).

Troubleshooting / Resolution:

· Check to see if WER is enabled/disabled.

· Review the GPO Settings and set the WER Group Policy settings as desired.

· Determine if AEM or DEM is being used.

Additional Resources: