MSIT, Terminal Services, Network Adapter Performance and Hyper-V

Looking at the title, I know you’re thinking, “what do these four things have to do with one another?”  The answer: not a great deal in fact.  However, there are some very interesting posts and articles on these subjects that have been published recently that we thought we would bring to your attention …

We are often asked how we implement our own software solutions within Microsoft.  Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 has generated a great deal of excitement.  The Microsoft IT pilot project for Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services was a huge success.  Microsoft IT then tested the scalability and performance within the production environment.  This environment acts as a SSL-based remote access solution that is accessible by using HTTPS connections from anywhere in the world.  We recently published a Technical White Paper titled, “How Microsoft IT Uses Terminal Services as a Scalable Remote Access Solution” describing the project.  There is also a webcast related to this same topic: IT Pro Webcast on MSIT and Terminal Services.

Switching gears slightly, the Product Group side of Performance have launched their own blog – and there are two very interesting posts that are a must-read:

There you go – plenty of good weekend reading.  Until next time …

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