Introduction to ActiveX – Part Two: Managing ActiveX controls

In Part One of our Introduction to ActiveX, we covered the basics of ActiveX controls.  Today we’re going to go over some ActiveX specifics as they relate to the Internet Explorer environment and the management of ActiveX controls.  The default installation location for ActiveX controls is %windir%\Downloaded Program Files.  You will normally see the control… Read more

Managing the "Launching Applications and Unsafe Files" Setting

We are often asked about the centralized management of Internet Explorer configuration options for which there are no Group Policy settings included with the default IE GPO templates.  One of the settings that we are asked about the most is the “Launching Applications and Unsafe Files” setting, since that setting is not defined in the… Read more

Introduction to ActiveX – Part One

On Tuesday, we wrote about the upcoming changes in behavior for how Internet Explorer handles embedded controls.  Today we’re going to discuss the basics of ActiveX controls themselves – what they are and why they are important.  We’re not going to go into how to create and code ActiveX controls, but we will briefly cover… Read more

IE Automatic Component Activation

Back in April 2006, Microsoft made a change in how IE handled embedded controls used on some web pages.  These changes resulted in some sites requiring users to “Click to Activate” before they could interact with the control.  Microsoft has now licensed the technologies from Eolas, removing the “Click to Activate” requirement in Internet Explorer…. Read more

Internet Explorer and SSL Closure Alerts

Today we’re going to talk about SSL Closure Alerts in Internet Explorer.  This is usually manifested as the user getting the “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error when connecting to a secure website hosted on a non-Microsoft Web Server.  Before we get too deep into the analysis though, it is important to note that this issue… Read more

Coming Soon … Windows PowerShell v2.0 CTP

This week, Microsoft will be releasing a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Windows PowerShell v2.0.  Now – before you rush out to find, download and use the CTP, there is a very important point to remember: This release will not be for everyone.  A CTP is NOT a Beta Release.  A CTP is a very… Read more