Conditional access and path publishing are coming to Azure AD Application Proxy

We have recently added two new highly requested capabilities to Application Proxy. This comes shortly after we improved SharePoint publishing and added support for Intune NDES. We will have more to announce soon…

Conditional Access

Conditional Access is the ability to define different access rules for applications based on the business needs, user location and the device that is used. For example, having some applications that only require username and password while others require multi-factor authentication when the user is not in the office and other applications that requires multi-factor authentication for every session.
Today we are bringing these capabilities to on-prem applications. Every pre-authenticated proxy application now also includes the access rules section:

See more details in this blog post:

Path Publishing

It is now possible to specify a specific path on the backend server that would be published while the rest of the server will not be published. This allows you, for example, to publish different sites located on the same sharepoint server with different names and access rules.
The path is specified in the internal URL field and will be visible in the external URL. We require the internal and external paths to be identical.
See “site1” in the below -

Another change we did in this release is to allow customers to change the application name as much as they want without changing the external URL or changing the external URL without changing the name. The application name is visible in the access panel portal. We are working to improve the control over the URLs and the appearance in Access Panel.

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