Article on Azure AD Application Proxy in Network World


It is very nice to see that people in the industry start to understand the revolution that Azure Active Directory Application Proxy brings:

We see in our dashboards that many of you are already trying it. We see connectors being downloaded and registered, applications being published and on-going usage. Don't hesitate and utilize it as much as you want. Internally, we publish on our test tenants public internet sites like and our entire team is using the URL that is exposed by the proxy to generate real-world load.

If you haven't already done this, go to your Azure AD tenant and try it by yourself.

Meir Mendelovich, Active Directory product group

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  1. Article on Azure AD Application Proxy in Network World

    thank you

  2. Vainolo says:

    Hi Aaron. You can leave a message in the technet forums:, or contact us directly at aadapfeedback @

  3. Aaron Bianucci says:


    There a good place to post support questions. Azure Phone support doesn’t support preview items, and for whatever reason I can’t get mine to work and wanted to post in the appropriate place to get a response.


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