Welcome to the Application Proxy Blog

This is an exciting week for our team! At TechEd North America we provided a sneak preview of new cloud functionality which complements the Web Application Proxy role that is part of Windows Server 2012 R2. This is another step in assuring that we provide our customers with the best solutions to make their Web applications available to remote users. Microsoft is committed to remote solutions, and we plan to continue to evolve both of them.
This is a good opportunity for us to start to deepen our discussions with you, the community that deploys and maintains our solutions. We will use this blog to share less formal information than can be found in our TechNet documentation. We plan to provide lots of tips, tricks and explanations that we want you to be aware  of to help you with your deployments. Later this week we will post here link to the TechEd session and some interesting news about a Web Application Proxy update.
In this blog you will see posts from the product group, the support team and from Microsoft consultants. We are spread across three continents and too many time zones. Most of us are long time veterans in this field who started out working on  legacy application proxy solutions that were part of TMG, UAG, ISA and IAG.
We look forward to hearing from you as well and welcome any feedback and suggestions on content you would like to see.

Welcome aboard!

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  1. Welcome to the Application Proxy Blog
    thank you

  2. Alan C says:

    Congrats for this way of connecting with the community! Can’t wait to see what you unveiled @ TechEd…

  3. Hellofromisrael says:

    finally a place to see it all(hopefully) better than chasing different sites for info about this cool feature

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  8. Juan Uribe says:

    Microsoft Application Proxy Connector can be implemented in a Virtual Machine?

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