Course 1 of 11: – Getting Started with Cloud Administration

(This post is part of my review of the Microsoft Professional Program: Cloud Administration)

Course 1 of 11: - Getting Started with Cloud Administration

Overview: This first introductory course is split into two parts; Part 1: Cloud and Azure basics and Part 2: Tools you will need. This course is a great starting point for IT pros coming from a on-premises data center background as well as those who may or may not have experience with cloud services like Azure. The introduction from Julia White (Microsoft Corporate Vice President) highlights the capability of Azure while the rest of the first part serves as a summary of what to expect in this course. The second part is all about getting started with your own Azure subscription, learning the portal, installing Azure PowerShell modules, Azure Command Line Interface (CLI), how billing works, and a primer of the Azure Pricing Calculator.

Time Spent / Level of Effort: I completed this course right under 3 hours. I recommend reading through written resources in addition to watching the videos since there's a wealth of information inside each lesson.

Course Highlight: My favorite part of this course was the virtual walk-through of an Azure data center and where they are located around the globe. Seeing how Azure data center architecture has evolved over the years from traditional construction to the modular iterations was fascinating. Learning about Azure resources available at no cost and free account subscriptions was also helpful for me and for anyone else who wants to get their hands dirty and learn with no commitment.

Suggestions: A colleague of mine, Sam Lester, has shared his experiences while completing the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) in Big Data. Following his great advice, I watched the videos at x2 speed which allowed faster viewing while still allowing me to retain the information. Having the quiz open in another browser tab while watching the videos and reading the material is a sure fire way to ensure a 100% success rate. As you complete course 1, please take a few moments to provide your feedback in the End of Course survey. Your feedback genuinely does matter.


If you have taken this course in the past or are going through it now, please leave a comment and share your experience.


Adam Lichtenberg [MSFT]

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