Discovering Cloud Administration with the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)

Cloud Administration with Adam Lichtenberg

Discovering Cloud Administration with the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)

Discovering and learning more about Azure and AI has been on my technical training To-Do list for some time. After returning to work from a short leave of absence, I've made it a priority to devote the time needed discover more about both and Azure is where I'm starting. You can call it my new year's resolution. For Azure, the updated Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) for Cloud Administration helps with my Azure training goal and is designed exactly the way I like to learn; self-paced, online, with accompanying discussion boards.

The program will start you down the path of learning how to:

  • Setup Azure virtual machines
  • Automate Azure workloads
  • Migrate Workloads to Azure
  • Deploy and manage Azure applications
  • Work with databases in Azure
  • Setup virtual machines


I'll be writing and sharing my notes for each course. My goal is to share what each course covers, how much time I spent, highlights, suggestions for completing the course and overall program, along with any other interesting or related information.

There are a total of 10 course plus a final capstone project which are each covered by my reviews for each course.


Course 1: Getting started with Cloud Administration

Course 2: Provision and Manage Virtual Machines

Course 3: Implement and Azure Network Infrastructure

Course 4: Manage Azure Active Directory

Course 5: Implement and Manage Azure Storage

Course 6: Deploy and Manage Azure App Service

Course 7: Provision, Configure and Manage Azure SQL Database

Course 8: Secure and Manage Compliance of Azure Resources

Course 9: Automate Azure Workloads

Course 10: Migrate IaaS Workloads to Azure

Capstone: Microsoft Professional Capstone: Cloud Administration


If you are going through the Cloud Administration MPP program, please leave a comment and share your experience. It’s a lot of fun to discuss these courses with others who are going through them.


Adam Lichtenberg [MSFT]


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