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Last November we launched a new site called Curah, it was announced in the Server & Cloud Blog and also have a great explanation about the initiative at the TechNet Wiki Blog. The reason why I’m bringing this up again is because I’ve been using Curah more often as I start doing more curations. Here are my current curations:

The idea behind content curation is to help to collect relevant information about a particular subject, put in a logical order of consumption and summarize the content in which you are referring to. You can read this article, it is a great example on how content curation is an important initiative.  This is just my two cents about this great initiative that our org put together for all of us to use it. As of now I can say that my experience with Curah is amazing!

Go ahead, start curating content and advertise your curation using Twitter and mention @MSCurah !

Comments (2)

  1. Yep and I’m doing my part, got 8 so far ( and planning to have at least four per month. Thanks for you suggestion.

  2. Bryan Fleming says:

    Yuri – they key to content curation is doing it a lot. That way you build up an audience. If you are having a hard time finding articles try Google News.

    – Bryan

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