Cloud Infrastructure Solution for Enterprise IT

I’m very pleased to announce that our team just updated our main site and now you will be able to easily find the documents that we produce. Please visit and let us know if you like it. One new document set that my team put together to help customers to implement a cloud infrastructure with Windows Server 2012 is composed by the following documents:

  • Scenario definition: Describes an example organization that is implementing a cloud infrastructure. It details the organization’s current environment and why they’ve chosen to implement a cloud infrastructure. Many organizations will likely find that they have similar environments and requirements.
  • Design options guide: Details all of the planning considerations for hardware and software that comprise a cloud infrastructure. This includes the network, storage, and compute components of the infrastructure. Further, it addresses planning considerations for different types of availability, scalability, performance, and security needs.
  • Design decisions guide: Details what design decisions, as defined in the Scenario Definition, were made from the considerations covered in the Design Options Guide, as well as the rationale for why they made the decisions.
  • Implementation guide: Details the implementation steps for the design detailed in the Design Guide. This guide provides a step-by-step approach that can be used to build the cloud infrastructure.



Go ahead and download all documents from the link below:

I hope you like!

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