Follow up from DFW IT PRO Meeting

Hello Folks,

First I would like to thank you all for attending the DFW IT PRO Meeting yesterday (May 3rd) at Microsoft Las Colinas here in Irving, Texas. During our presentation we discussed the Concepts and Implementation of a Private Cloud Infrastructure using Windows Server 2012. As we said, the documentation to build your cloud infrastructure using Windows Server “8” Beta is already available at TechNet. You can read more about this documentation here. Many of you also said that never heard about the TechNet Wiki but do support the community based content. I would like you to read this post to better understand what the TechNet Wiki is all about.

Thanks again for your time yesterday and I hope to see you all again soon!


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  1. jweston says:

    Thanks for Presenting at DFWITPROFESSIONALS User Group!  You guys are great!

  2. Hi John, thanks to YOU for introducing us to that great group. Folks there are amazing and the meeting was great.

  3. Thanks and I'm glad you liked. Indeed we will keep you all updated.

  4. Thanks Thom, I appreciate your feedback. We will make the deck available next month, after TechED US.

  5. thomas w shinder - msft says:

    Thanks guys!

  6. Bijendra Singh says:

    Very informative presentation folks. Keep us updated as the Server 2012 moves towards final release.

  7. Thom Doss says:

    Great presentation to all three of you guys.  As someone who has done his share of technical presentations, I appreciate the effort it takes to deliver quality content in a salient manner in such a short time.

    Will the deck you guys used be available on the DFW IT Pros site?

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