From End to Edge and Beyond, the Book – April Update

Hi Folks,

I’m going to try to give you some updates about how our new book (announced here) is coming along. This month we started handing over some chapters to Syngress and we are really excited with this project. We are using the same formula that we used in our previous books, in other words, we split the chapter in two parts and each one write half of the chapter. This gives us the opportunity to write every single chapter, equally split the work and leverage our areas of expertise within the technology. There are two recent news that I would like to echo here: as announced today by Richard Hicks his blog, he will be the Technical Reviewer for this book and as we known Richard for a long time we are very pleased to have him onboard to help us on this project.  As I announced last Saturday (via Twitter – see below), Syngrees will be handing over to us the draft book cover and we will be showing it during our sessions at TechED US in June. I hope to see you there !


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